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Lacuna Coil Our Truth Lyrics

Last updated: 11/13/2011 10:00:00 AM

Clock is ticking while I’m killing time
Spinning all around
Nothing else that you can do
To turn it back

Wicked partnership
In this crime
Ripping off the best
Condescending smile

Trying to forget
- Wasting my time
We’re falling right through
Lying to forget
- Telling more lies
We’re raising our truth

Go on and tease me

Clock is ticking while I’m stealing time
Can’t you turn it back?
Stop the cycle
Set it free
Run away

Silent Sneaking
Along my Path
Rugged the Road
But we feel it
Like we’re flying

Trying to Forget
- Wasting my time
We’re falling right through
Lying to forget
- Telling more lies
We’re raising our truth

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Our Truth | Reviewer: Anonymous | 11/13/11

Fantastic song, love the lyrics and the musical style. The lyrics here are spot on as far as I can tell.

Evanescence are my favourite band, but it does amuse me how they always seem to appear in discussions concerning Lacuna Coil. There's a slight chance that they influenced each other, or more likely had no knowledge of each other's existence until recently. Evanescence's first self titled EP was 1998 as was Lacuna Coil's. So they're pretty contemporary to one another. They will both have been influenced by similar music too so it's understandable why they share similarities. Love what both bands are doing and hope they continue!

Slightly off topic... | Reviewer: Anonymous | 6/5/11

But does anyone happen to know which lacuna coil song is just vocals, no lyrics? I've got about a dozen from this group on my computer untitled and I can't figure out which one this is suppose to be. Kinda hard to look up a song when it doesn't have any words.

Evanescene vs Lacuna Coil? | Reviewer: Godex | 5/17/11

Oh my gosh, r u kiddin'? no matter what lacuna coil has sung or written.. how could you compare this two band? There's no other mind that evanescence much better than lacuna coil, first of all amy lee has an awesome vocal..she's just awesome, maybe there is an insignificant deference between Genres but there's no other mind too that Ev-band much better with sound..and second . Alternative metal best of all and alt versus goth ... mmmm ..... ♥ Evanescence forevermore......

Put it to rest. | Reviewer: Alice | 7/24/10

I enjoy metal that has mid-eastern flavors woven into the overall composition, so Lacuna Coil is an epic win in my opinion. Yeah, I like both bands, but I find that LC is far more uplifting and freeing than Evanescence is. It's really a matter of personal preference.
That being said, life is too short to be depressed and angry all the time. So get over it. Opinions are opinions. :)

Why compare Evanescence with Lacuna Coil? | Reviewer: LolMaster | 1/9/10

They are 2 different bands, I feel Lacuna Coil's music is more inspired by other cultures. I'm not saying that any of them are bad, I listen to both of them from time to time and they're both good. But Evanescence doesn't have those special factors that Lacuna Coil has, Evanescence is more like a more "normal" band in a way. Lacuna Coil is more Gothic but has those other cultural factors that Evanescence doesn't have, but there is no doubt that they're both excellent bands.

in response to Emo chick.... | Reviewer: Christine | 10/29/09

"...Evanesence proably really inspired LAcuna Coil..."

Lacuna Coil was founded before Evanescence. Evanescence's first demo (Origin) was releases in 2000. Lacuna Coil's self titled EP was released 1998. Lacuna Coil was signed in 1997, and has been around since 1994.Evanescence was not signed until 2002/2003. Therefore, it would have probably been Lacuna Coil inspiring Evanescence. Just to let you know.

Lacuna Coil In Comparison To Evanescence. | Reviewer: Erica | 8/7/09

(This song is honestly one of the greatest songs ever written, in my opinion. It's pure genius. The guitar riffs are amazing and very catchy. And the little bass "breakdown" in this song is perfect)

Lacuna Coil is better than Evanescence. Some people agree with me, while others dissagree. Just listen to the bands' songs and it's a total landslide as to why Lacuna Coil has better music. Don't get me wrong, I like Evanescence also. Amy Lee has an amazing voice.. But, I prefer Cristina Scabbia.


Newfound Joy | Reviewer: Lestelle | 6/9/09

So I've never really been into heavy metal kind of stuff, but I played some of Lacuna Coil's songs on Guitar Hero and started to look into them more and I really like them now. This song is probably my fave and I especially love the beginning. MOAR ALBUMS PLOX!!

life is the art about choosing.. | Reviewer: aryanee | 5/30/09

zakiya.. everybody have their own favourite.. so whatever it's evanescence or lacuna coil.. that's their own choice.. sooo.. just don't be so childish.. they both r GREATS.. n absolutely,, they're better than YOU..

for the sake of ending the hatred and stupid arguments........ | Reviewer: Emo chick | 5/24/09

Both Lacuna Coil and Evanescence are really good yes, when you look at Lacuna Coil, you might think of Evanescence, BUT you have to look at the fact that they both have their own styles about them.....Evanesence proably really inspired LAcuna people, dont get in supid little piss off contestes just becuase you think one band is better than the other.......OUr Truth is my fave song from LC and Call Me When Yo're SOber is my face from drop it!