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Our Last Night Biography

Last updated: 03/06/2008

Hailing from the idyllic small town of Hollis, New Hampshire, the prodigious newcomers Our Last Night have arrived as the fresh new face of rock with their explosive debut, The Ghosts Among US. Scene kids across the world are taking notice of ,Our Last Night's skillful ability to craft brilliantly catchy songs while maintaining credibility with their astounding technicality and talent for finding an exceptional balance between the heavy and the melodic.

Our Last Night formed in 2004 as a result of a few highly gifted friends who knew automatically that music was their calling. The group self-released their first EP, We've Been Holding Back, shortly after their conception. While they were still in high school, the group immediately began attracting fans throughout New England with their blistering live shows. By the following July, Our Last Night had already recorded a follow-up EP, Building Cities From Scratch, which was prized by fans and attracted the attention of several record labels. After a few lineup changes, the group was complete in 2006 with Trevor Wentworth (vocals), Matt Wentworth (guitar/vocals), Colin Perry (guitar), Alex "Woody" Woodrow (bass) and Tim Molloy (drums). In early 2007, the group signed with the legendary Epitaph Records, the day before they embarked on their first tour.

In the fall of 2007 Our Last Night entered the studio to record their debut full-length album, The Ghosts Among US. Teaming up with uber-producer Steve Evetts (Senses Fail, Every Time I Die), the group began creating their dynamic new album.

From the album's first track, "Symptoms of a Failing System," The Ghosts Among US sparks a sense of intense urgency among listeners that is fueled by the group's unbridled passion. The album continues its non-stop emotive rollercoaster of sharp angular riffs and melodically sincere vocals with the infectious and highly danceable track "Recovery."

Our Last Night's dual vocalists, brothers Trevor and Matt, find a powerful equilibrium between brutal growls and lush melodic vocals. When combined with punishing breakdowns and soaring rock riffs, the results are amazing tracks like their hit song "Escape." One listen to The Ghosts Among US, and kids will be instantly hooked.

Our Last Night transcends trends and genres with their astonishing talent for creating emotionally charged music that will propel them to the forefront of rock!