Our Lady Peace Lyrics

FORMED: 1992

Raine Maida - Vocals
Mike Turner - Guitar
Duncan Coutts - Bass
Jeremy Taggart - Drums

The Rise to fame:

The band's rise to fame has been less than peaceful! Our
Lady Peace, a Toronto based bandwere formed in 1992 when
vocalist Raine Maida answered a classified ad. Our Lady
Peace nevertook the indie route. They attended a few music
industry seminars and conferences, made athree-song demo
and achieved a recording contract with Sony Music Canada.

Our Lady Peace

Have you ever wondered where Our Lady Peace got their More...

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Review about Our Lady Peace songs
this world is missing you binoit | Reviewer: ritesh porwal
    ------ About the song Whatever performed by Our Lady Peace

i am the one of the greatest fan of chris binoit.
i remember him for his honesty.
i remember him for his courage.
i remember you chris everyday by listning to your theme song 'WHATEVER'.
i wanna be with you in my next birth.

Amazing | Reviewer: AMK
    ------ About the song Whatever performed by Our Lady Peace

Chris Benoit was an amazing wrestler. He was one of the greatest. The murder-suicide thing was not his fault; he go messed up from all of those diving headbutts. Do you see how many brain cells he had later? Anyways. Chris was the greatest, it wasn't his fault for the murder-suicide. RIP to one of the greatest wrestlers and his family.

Benoit | Reviewer: Wrestling Fan
    ------ About the song Whatever performed by Our Lady Peace

awesome song, suited Chris Benoit's character, fuck wwe for not ever mentioning Benoit again. They should just leave out the murder suicide thing. He was a phenomenal athlete and this song is also phenomenal

OLP | Reviewer: Anonymous
    ------ About the song Thief performed by Our Lady Peace

love this song!! Our Lady Peace are really good, and this song has such meaning. This used to be my favourite song back when I was a kid, and practically 10 years later, I'm still a fan of OLP. Keep on rockin' guys!!!!!

Amazing | Reviewer: K4szxandr4
    ------ About the song Whatever performed by Our Lady Peace

Chris benoit was a amazing wrestler he perfected his technical wrestling style I still remember his last moment on tv its forever sketched into my memory its a shame that he had to go and kill not only himself but his own son and his love it must have been hard to look them in the face as he took their lives but I don't blame chris for anything he was a human like us all and he chose to do steriods to boost his career it worked but sadfully also consumed him and took over him and ended his career I wish he had held the championship more everything about chris was simply great from his in ring ability to his mic skills he will never be forgoten he will always be remembered and treasured for wat he was and wat he brought to the table he got concussions on a nitely basis just for us we should at least aprreciate the fact that he did harm just to give us entertainment there will never be another chris benoit there will never be anyone who can be like chris act like chris or even wrestle and have that love like chris he's simply one of a kind he is forever known as a lost treasure..R.I.p...

RIP Chris | Reviewer: Dipu Rahman
    ------ About the song Whatever performed by Our Lady Peace

As a little kid, you were my favorite wrestler. I remember you and Booker T rivaling each other for the United States Championship. Now, I am only 14, but I know enough to respect you, even in your murder-suicide event. Damage to your head and steroids took over you, and in the end you were not yourself. Even so, you were one of the best wrestlers of our time. I think it's crap that WWE decided to remove you from the site. Understandable, yet annoying. You wouldn't like the WWE if you were alive today, it's turned into crap. We miss you Chris. R.I.P sir. Say hi to Guerrerro

Really cool in context of the album | Reviewer: Anonymous
    ------ About the song Life performed by Our Lady Peace

Yes, this song does at first have the obvious meaning already mentioned. But it actually means so much more, and it has to be understood in context of Spiritual Machines.

In the song, the narrator is actually talking to the machines, who are developing so rapidly that they'll soon be able to have real feelings. "How many times have you been pushed around?" - Well, they haven't. Not yet anyway. This line is brilliantly sarcastic. "But life is waiting for you" - The machines will have to become able to deal with life and all of its hardships.

Amazing song.

profound and moving | Reviewer: Anonymous
    ------ About the song Angels/Losing/Sleep performed by Our Lady Peace

This last reviewer is obviously very ignorant. If they knew anything about Our Lady Peace, they'd know that even they didn't like Healthy in Paranoid Times as an album very much because they felt they were being controlled musically. However, that doesn't undermine how powerful this song truly is. Personally, it's about time someone put these thoughts out there and wrote a song that has meaning, unlike so many others artists. And even though Our Lady Peace has freedom now to produce their own albums and make it sound exactly as they wish, it doesn't mean they didn't spend all their time and energy on angels/losing/sleep either. This is one of my favorite songs. It moves me each time I hear it and I CRANK it up. SO YOU GO OLP! No haters here!

Been There.. | Reviewer: Chad
    ------ About the song Do You Like It performed by Our Lady Peace

I actually just got out of a year and a half relationship in which this song describes perfectly. She convinced me to abandon all my friends, family, anyone I ever cared about. In return, she told me the many diverse ways I wasn't good enough. She told me what I'm supposed to say, do, how to change.. It was sick. I look around and find many people in similar situations.. If you find yourself finding these lyrics to be true for you, don't stay.. Don't do that to yourself.

ick | Reviewer: Anonymous
    ------ About the song Angels/Losing/Sleep performed by Our Lady Peace

ahhhhhgh this song sounds so fucking contrived. Fuck OLP for falling into the label. healthy in paranoid times sounds notthingggg like them, even considering growth and Gravity. thank god they are finally putting out something new this summer, it better be a throwback.

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