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He Is We Our July In The Rain Lyrics

Last updated: 01/02/2013 12:55:09 PM

Why'd I have to go and do you like that?
Thought I'd moved on, but you brought me right back.
To the night you took my kiss away from me.
I took yours too, then I lost you.

Bring me back to holding hands in the rain,
I swear I'd ease your pain.
Lift you up so you could finally see
The love you are to me.

I've had time and I've had change
I've been broken but still I can't explain.
Our July in the Rain

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,_, | Reviewer: AnnaC | 12/31/12

I Freaking love this song! Even know it's short i still love this song with all my heart. He is we understands people so much! All of there songs mean so much to me. I also like it that there not that popular because i don't like all of the stuff that people like at my school. And sometimes people make fun of me for it ^^ but its okay. Well the point is that i really love all of your music. Please keep making more. I feel like your band understands me