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Randy Travis Oscar The Angel Lyrics

Last updated: 02/17/2014 05:26:23 AM

Oscar was an angel and he used to walk the streets
Shoutin' out some prophecy to everyone he'd meet
He was a local fixture; like a cop out on a beat
Folks said he'd been shell-shocked long ago
And more than that, no one seemed to know

Oscar was a walker, at least four miles twice a day
The entire length of main street he'd be shoutin' all the way
And I had no idea, where he'd heard the things he'd say
But he was not your normal voice of doom
It was a happy song, sung slightly out of tune

And he'd say, "everyone will die and go to heaven
and we will all be angels some day
What you are in this world don't count for nothin'
'Cause we are only children, we're just lost along the way
But we will all be angels some day"

Well I worked at the Rialto; I sold tickets at the door
And Oscar he'd come by most ev'ryday 'bout half past four
And he'd pay to see some movie that he'd seen ten times before
But mostly we'd just let him in for free
And he'd watch five minutes, then he'd come and talk to me

[Repeat Chorus]

Well it's going on ten years now since I left my home town
And I went home last summer; for a week I hung around
I looked out for Oscar; he was nowhere to be found
Someone said they finally had to commit him
And he died, before they had time to forget him

Now I'm not about to argue, Oscar's train had jumped the tracks
But I'll bet my last dollar on a plain and simple fact
Oscar never said a word about me behind my back
And the way the I was raised to understand
Well, that alone, it makes him the better man

[Repeat Chorus]

Ya, we will all be angels someday
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