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Afroman Osama Must Die Lyrics

Last updated: 01/16/2007 11:00:00 AM

we built the great twin towars into the sky
but osama brought them down, and made us cry
if he thinks he can live now, he must be highh
osama must die X3
ur hiding in your cave, but now you must die
u probably think your brave, but now you must die
we're now digging your grave so now you gotta die
osama must die X3
you had to push your luck, now you gunna die
i bet you a hundred bucks, that you gunna die
osama you just plain *beep* and you know why
cuz you gunna die X3
When we find that S.O.B he gunna fry
maybe cook him up inside, a chicken pot pie
i'd like an osama sandwhich with cheese on rye
osama must die X3
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