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Offspring Original Prankster Lyrics

Last updated: 02/21/2013 07:50:00 AM

Until the break of dawn
Life life
Cannot go by the letter
Time time
Prozac can make it better
Noise noise
Any kind will do
Can you feel it slip away
When it's all on you - hey

Crime crime
Rockin' like Janet Reno
Time time
Eighteen and life in Chino
Freud Freud
All along it's true
Well you'll see there comes a day
Catches up to you

Knock down the walls, it's alive in you
Knock down the place, you're alone it's true
Knock down the world, it's alive in you
You gotta keep your head up through it all
You're gonna
Bust out on it - original prankster
Break out yeah - original yeah
Bust out on it - original prankster
You never stop now, stop now
That's what the main men say

You know it smells like shit
Tag team the double header
Son of Sam
Fire always makes it better
With style and aplomb
Cause wherever you're at
That's the tip you's on

Lies, lies
Says he's down in the Bahamas
Tries tries
Bangin' little hoochie mamas
No way
None of this is true
Well he'll see there comes a day
When the joke's on you yeah

Dime dime
So good to see ya
Nine nine
Don't want to be ya
Crime crime
Fancy to meet ya

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I love Offspring | Reviewer: Juan Jose | 11/9/2007

I love this song is so great!!!!....... have an original personality in the rock music!!! the best..

SISTER! | Reviewer: frank | 7/24/2007

this songs very good, funny. it reminds me of that guy thats always on adam sandler movies. the guy that says "you can do eet!!" lol

i love offspring, "the best band of the world | Reviewer: my name is cesar | 7/9/2007

this rola" is the best of the world, no ma esta bien de pok madr chida rola bajenla es de las mejores de esta banda

rock on offspring! | Reviewer: jess | 6/11/2007

the offspring are soo awsome! this is my fav song, a little hard to sing along to, but it ROCKS! YEAH!

offspring rock | Reviewer: Kayla | 6/2/2007

the offspring are like gods, and there songs are totally amazing!!! the singer has a great voice too. this is definetly one of my favorite songs by them, but my favorite one is "we are one" from their Ignition album. OFFSPRING ROCK!!!

awsome | Reviewer: matt | 4/1/2007

i luvv the offspring mi cuzins showed it to mi their like punks and i got hooked i luvv the offspring awsome songs and great lyrics sum of mi favorite songs are STARING AT THE SUN and AMERICANA i luv their songs !!!!!!!!!!

The song rocks and.. | Reviewer: 1010 | 2/16/2007

I made my own movie from it =) the song is awesome

amazing song!!! | Reviewer: george luvs offspring | 5/10/2005

this song is great!!! it's SO catchy, and yeah, i thought some of the lyrics were wrong on the site, but noe, they're right, n 0FFSPRING ARE AMAZING

I LOVE THE OFFSPRING!!!!!!!!!!!!!! | Reviewer: Anonymous | 1/1/2005

Hmm, ABSOLUTELY AMAZIN SONG!!!!!!!!!!!!! LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I thought a few bits were different but the site was more accurate than me, i found!!! I LOVE THE OFFSPRING!!!!!!!!!!!!!! YEAH!!!! ROCK ON OFFSPRING!!!! U CAN do it!

Original Prankster Review | Reviewer: Chris Pounce | 8/11/2004

the song is good, before i found this site i thought that some if the lyrics were different but since i listened closer it seems the site is correct. great song \m/ offspring kick ass