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ZOEgirl Ordinary Day [Blue Mix] Lyrics

Last updated: 12/27/2003 03:36:41 AM

woke up this morning went to the window saw a rainy feeling the pressure from all the things I gotta face today all of my days are totaly crazy cant do nothing right It's an ordinary day.

every minute fells like an hour slowly creeping by all of this stress but I do my best to take it all in stride I need to decide need to unwind all the things are on my mind it's an ordinary day.

things are crazy but it's all right you make me feel alive again when it rains you are the sunshine that lights me up from deep with in I can finnaly tressure this love beyond a messure you've givin me the plessure of an ordinary day.

pounding the pavement another engagement gotta make it there on time hitting the sidewalk hearing the small talk of people passing by wondering why gotta rewind think I gotta clear my mind it's an ordinary day

what are the chances I've locked glances with a passer by oh this stranger must be an angel 'cause he smiled I wonder if he knows everything I know that there is life in a ordinary day.


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