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Smashing through the boundaries
Storming through the burning fields
Stand before the evil one on towards the morning sun
Falling under skies of pain

Still we're searching endlessly
Crashing over seven seas
Torturing the winter skies riding over plains of ice
Shadows in the fields of the slain!

Crashing steel and raging fury smash the quest destroy their army
Crush the legions of the twilight, templars of steel will burn

Cry far away as we reach for the day
Blasting our way through the punishment and the pain
Reach for the world as the sky begins to fall
Rising through the darkened ashes praying that I'll see you all

Far away will our eyes now see the day
For today, the everlasting eternal sun
Washed away the dreams of a brighter day
Forever hold the dream inside the chance to fight another fight
The breaking hearts that stand for all our lives
Live tonight

Watch you die I watch you die inside while fear controls your life
And reject this animosity that killed so many minds
You feel the power deep within the fear you hold inside
Just to find the reason for the treason now you will be mine

Screams of pain in death descending rise again from hell defending
Burn their hearts within the fire, warriors of light will be slain

Rise through the pain like the sun will rise again
Day after day but the memories never change
Stand before the storm as the last horizon falls
Blinded by the vision and the innocence of our souls


[Solos: Sam/Herman/Sam]

Far away will our eyes now see the day
For today the everlasting eternal sun



[Solo: Herman]

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Dragonforce FTW | Reviewer: Guitar Rocker | 9/16/11

So new singer is Marc Hudson hes good but cant belive they pushed the new album release date all the way to january damnit that sucks but it's gonna feature to disc's cant wait to listen to there new shit btw Operation ground and pound is the most powerful and pumping song Ive heard out of them it gives you that feeling like strolling through and smashing shit

Dragonforce FTW | Reviewer: Guitar Rocker | 9/16/11

So new singer is Marc Hudson hes good but cant belive they pushed the new album release date all the way to january damnit that sucks but it's gonna feature to disc's cant wait to listen to there new shit

Lol Read this Comment Fuck all Others | Reviewer: Surgeon Of Sins | 8/6/11

Acutally, Zp cant sing live from 2008 on only because he started loosing his voice, due to drugs many people think .... as i seen them so many time in 2006 to 2008 and they were amazing .... who ever thinks he cant sing can piss off .... as he is the type of person like james hetfield who puts a voice on to sing (kill em all album) you try and do that ..... and sing as high as he sings. good luck! anyway then i saw them in 2009 and 2010 and they were good but you could tell Zp threat was in a bad shape, they say they split because of musical differences, fuck that it was a arguement over Zp's singing .... as he was loosing his voice .... no doubt in my mind that was what happened!!!!! Anyway, the closest band like these and as good lyrical and techinical is Iron maiden...!! UP THE IRONS!!! and all you keep Moshing!!!! lol xD

Response: TheOnlySaneOne | Reviewer: Anonymous | 1/23/11

No they dont speed it up and yes their music does sound so similar and yes it isn't really saying much that they are better than most bands out there today. However if you want some kick-ass music listen to Coheed and Cambria, an amazing band and in my top 5. You have to admit though that out of all the people who comment about 90% must have heard them from bloody GH. GH ruined bands. If people want to play bands songs like Dragonforce then they should learn to play a REAL guitar.

Really guys? | Reviewer: TheOnlySaneOne | 12/28/10

I agree that DragonForce makes better music than a lot of today's bands, but that really isn't saying much. Maybe I'd have a bit more respect if they ever tried to branch out, even if they had to use a more vast array of synths. I like their music in moderation, but to be honest if I dove into it I wouldn't be able to tell their songs apart.

And hey, guitar junkie, sped up music is not higher pitched, assuming they have a clue what they're doing. Tempo and pitch are completely independent, and they could play it lower before they edited it anywho. (I kinda doubt they do speed it up, btw)

DragonForce FT(Fucking)W | Reviewer: Anonymous | 8/28/10

This is one of the sickest songs made by DragonForce. Then again, all of their songs are the sickest songs ever made. I guess this site has no place for haters, because instantly the faithful DragonForce fans come to the rescue, so whoever hates DragonForce must have a really, REALLY good reason to, like something seriously personal, otherwise they should just go and learn to sing or play guitar (said nicely), 'cause then they will find out true musical power. LONG LIVE DRAGONFORCE.
P.S. All you DragonForce fans ROCK!!! :D

Dragonforce <3 | Reviewer: Fil | 8/4/10

They are my favorite band, followed by Hammerfall.
Why? BEcause they have a harmonie and melodic, that NO other band has. I can't explain it well, but I know that their songs are just kept inside me.
In my oppinion, they're the best band in our days.
And for thoso who say they suck live, watch the performance in 2006 and then the one in 2009, and you'll see who the hell CAN'T play live. They evolved, and are always going further.
Hope to see ZP back, or at least Kyle Michaels as vocalist. They OWN every other band!

DragonForce Rocks!!!! | Reviewer: MeyrulMoshi | 8/11/10

fuck you the dragonforce haters. if you assholes think you can play guitar or sing better than herman li and zp theart then prove it! their songs is the pure metal music!


CarleyTFF | Reviewer: Anonymous | 3/25/10

I've seen them live multiple times..Everytime I have seen them, the music sounds as amazing as it does on thier cd. They do NOT speed up the instrumental on the cd, not sure why everyone thinks that..they guys are just really talented.
Only thing that was a tad off when they played live was the vocals, but every band's vocals sound different live.

crapz | Reviewer: Failbot | 2/12/10

comment on live performance, it's not just the singing that's a bit off, they can't perform their own songs live, though dragonforce is great as a studio band, they're not a good live band, but they do NOT speed up their music, that's for sure.

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