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Jonathan Nelson Only You Lyrics

Last updated: 11/16/2012 06:09:00 AM

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[Spoken Intro:]
We want more of You, Jesus.
Come on, if that's your testimony,
Let the Lord know that tonight.
Let Him hear your hearts cry!
Lord, we thirst for You.
Lord, we search for You.
Lord, we long for You tonight.

[Verse (sung):]
You are my passion, You're my one desire.
You, Lord; only You, Lord.
Only You...

Only You, Only You Lord.
Only You, Only You, Only You Lord.
Only You, Only You, Only You Lord.
Only You.

[Spoken Interlude:]
Lord, tonight our devotion is toward You.
There's nothing else, there's nobody
Greater than You tonight.
We worship you, Jesus!
Come on, can we lift our worship to Him tonight?
Come on, if He has first place in your life,
Lift your voice and cry out to Him!
Lord, we worship You!
Lord, we honor You!



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