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Paul McCartney Only Mama Knows Lyrics

Last updated: 01/05/2009 11:00:00 AM

Well, I was found in the transit lounge of a dirty airport town
What was I doing on the road to ruin
Well, my mama laid me down
My mama laid me down

'Round my hand was a plastic band with a picture of my face
I was crying, left to die
In this godforsaken place
This godforsaken place

Only Mama knows
Why she laid me down in this godforsaken town
Well, she was running too
What she ran from though I always wondered
I never knew
Only Mama knows
Only Mama knows

I'm passing through, I'm on my way
On the road, no ETA
I'm passing through, no fixed abode
And that is why...
I need to try
To hold on...
I've got to hold on...
Got to hold on...

Was it planned as a one night stand or did she live in disgrace
Well, I never, will I ever
See my father's face
See my father's face


Got to hold on...
Got to hold on...
Gotta hold on...
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