OneRepublic Lyrics

Ryan Tedder (lead vocals, guitar, piano)
Zach Filkins (guitar, backing vocals)
Drew Brown (guitar)
Brent Kutzle (bass, cello)
Eddie Fisher (drums)

"The toughest thing to do is write a hit song and the
easiest thing to do is act like a rock band," says
OneRepublic singer-songwriter Ryan Tedder. "But we had a
hit song before we had an album and we can't pull off the
'rock god' thing. We do everything backwards.

OneRepublic's hit "Apologize" was not even the song's
original version, but a remix heard on Timbaland Presents:
Shock Value. More...

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Review about OneRepublic songs
AMAZING- | Reviewer: Sapphire
    ------ About the song Secrets performed by OneRepublic

I had heard this song in it's earlier stages, and I was like "Hey, this is pretty good." Then, I all but forgot about it, until about 4 months. And I'm in love. OneRepublic is perfect.

drowns me? | Reviewer: Alexis mulvany
    ------ About the song Counting Stars performed by OneRepublic

It is supposed to be "everything that downs me makes me wanna fly"Not " every thing that drowns me makes me wanna fly". Other then that, I love that song and the lyrics you gave to look at are amazing and helpful when I hear the song

Too late? | Reviewer: Caitlin
    ------ About the song Apologize performed by OneRepublic

Simply amazing song, especially when it becomes too late for an apology too matter, but there's a part of me saying that maybe, it was not that it was too late, but that the person has gone, and so isn't there to apologise anymore. Imagine if an apology was all you wanted to have or even to give, but then that person passes away or runs away and so you are left of in a state where it is too late to apologise. I remember the amounts of times that I have been apologised to by the same guy, and never once have I ever said that it is too late for his apology because I simply didn't want to have to let go and so I think that an apology can't be too late. Better late than never. But even better sooner than later.

great song | Reviewer: Joy(don't even try to google me)
    ------ About the song All The Right Moves performed by OneRepublic

wow, I love this song. I wanted to bring to light that I love Ian and Sophia's meanings. I like them because I like a good story. Another round of applause for the song! BYE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Really awesome | Reviewer: Gwendolyn
    ------ About the song Secrets performed by OneRepublic

I first heard this song on the radio. My first thought was: "This is a perfect song for Joe (i am writing a book, he is my main character)." My second was: "I really like this song". It's really awesome.

Love it! | Reviewer: Marie
    ------ About the song I Lived performed by OneRepublic

It is a wonderful song with a great tune. Outstanding job, One Republic, you've done it again! Another great song! Thanks, too, for the person who wrote these lyrics because I had a trouble with figuring the out! I <3 One Republic!

Amazing | Reviewer: ANONYMOUS
    ------ About the song Stop & Stare performed by OneRepublic

This song really represents the meaning of believing in god and showing how changing yourself is vital. He gets lost in the change of the world, and he became what he didn't want to be.

Same as those broken hatred people out there xoxoxo | Reviewer: Anonymous
    ------ About the song Apologize performed by OneRepublic

I broke up with my girlfriend and she asked me out again but I said no and my mate started singing this song !!! One republic u made my exgf a song that should be her ring tone hope this never happens to other people xx

all the right moves | Reviewer: Reilly
    ------ About the song All The Right Moves performed by OneRepublic

I think the reason we are so sensitive to the whole Illuminati thing is because we know. Anything that hints at it or even isn't explained we label "Illuminati! Stay Away!" Not saying that it isn't, I'm just saying that not everything in the lime light is bad. Great song by the way.

Ending a relationship | Reviewer: Anonymous
    ------ About the song Apologize performed by OneRepublic

I took it as this person has been in a relationship with someone who always says sorry but never corrects what they are sorry for. not putting into the relationship. ??? So this person has to walk away from it and telling the one apologizing it's too late.

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