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The cerebrum has suffered massive and irreparable damage
He will never know what has happened to him
If I have not been sure of this, I would not have permitted him to live
Where am I?
What happened?
I need help
What is democracy?
What is democracy?
It got something to do with young men killing each other, doctor
When it's comes my turn, will you want me to go?
For democracy, any man would give his only begotten son

It is impossible for this severed individual to experience pain
Dreams or thought of any kind
This young man will be as unfeeling
As unthinking as the dead
Until the day he joins them

I don't know whether I'm alive or dreaming or dead or remembering
How can you tell what's a dream and what's real
When you can't even tell when you're awake and when you're asleep

Where am I?

I can't remember anything
Can't tell if this is true or dream
Deep down inside I feel to scream
This terrible silence stifles me

Now that the war is through with me
I'm waking up, I cannot see
That there's not much left of me
Nothing is real but pain now

Hold my breath as I wish for death
Oh please God, wake me

They just went ahead and chopped off everything
Oh god, please make them hear me
They won't listen, they won't hear me
They got to wake me up I'll be like this for years
Hear me

Back in the womb it's much too real
In pumps life that I must feel
But can't look forward to reveal
Look to the time when I'll live

Fed through the tube that sticks in me
Just like a wartime novelty
Tied to machines that make me be
Cut this life off from me

Hold my breath as I wish for death
Oh please God, wake me

It's like a piece of meat that keeps on living
It won't always be like this, will it?

I can't live like this!
I-I can't!
Please no
I can't! I can't!
Help me, somebody please, help me!
Mother where are ya?
Help me, mother, I'm having a nightmare and I can't wake up

Now the world is gone I'm just one
Oh God help me

Hold my breath as I wish for death
Oh please God, help me

Me lying here like, like some freak in a carnival show
Here is the armless
Wonder of the twentieth century

Death has a dignity of its own
I need help
I'm in terrible trouble and I need help
Don't you remember when you were little?
How and you and Bill Harper use to string a wire between the two houses
So you could telegraph to each other
You'll remember the Morse code

Imprisoning me
All that I see
Absolute horror
I cannot live
I cannot die
Trapped in myself
Body my holding cell

It's Morse code
For what?

Has taken my sight
Taken my speech
Taken my hearing
Taken my arms
Taken my legs
Taken my soul
Left me with life in Hell

What's he saying?
Said kill me
Over and over again
Kill me
Oh god, please make them hear me
Don't you have any message for him doctor?
He's the product of your profession
Not mine

Kill me
I'm asking you to kill me

Thank you

Save me please

Each man faces death by himself
Good-bye father

Inside me I'm screaming nobody pays any attention
If I had arms, I could kill myself
If I had legs, I could run away
If I had a voice, I could talk and be some kind of company for myself
How do I know they'll kill me?
I could yell for help, but nobody'd help me
I just got to do some kind of, see how I can go on like this

S.O.S. help me
S.O.S. help me

Keep the hope fires burning
While our hearts are yearning

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Locked in Syndrome | Reviewer: Anonymous | 7/1/14

I think that this song is about a quadruple amputee, made so by ww2, who has locked in syndrome, before it was recognised. It's not really treatable now, but they didn't even know it existed then. In my mind it is about him trying to communicate, trying to get the doctors to euthanise and him trying to occupy himself. But then, that's just my opinion. Love this song tho :-)

Great song. | Reviewer: Anonymous | 4/2/14

One of my all time favourite Metallica songs, I just wish the bass was more prominent. Beautiful harmony vocal between James and Jason on the line 'Just like a wartime novelty'. Jason was an excellent bassist but it was just too quiet on this song (and album for that matter).

The last word of my life is Metallica | Reviewer: Metallica 'one' doublebass and guitar riffs and kick ass solo till last breath of my life. | 12/23/13

This is the song which encouraged me to play guitar and made me so crazy that my destiny is to become a band and cover this songs and other but firstly this song. This song has made me so crazy that when i'll be taking my last breath in a bed of hospital i wanna ask someone to keep my cellphone on my chest and tune this song on repeat mode so i could die satisfied.

one | Reviewer: jerry | 9/5/13

I love Metallica when I was Young and everb looked at me. But I feel still this great music and can listen that a lot. It means a lot for me. Love Unforviven, one etc, Sometimes if you need a music with Metallica you can cry and get out of this, Thanks

doctors and needles and hospitals scare me | Reviewer: Natasha | 11/1/12

like the title of this review says i am scared of them.part of that might be because i am 12 and when i was 5 to 6,the time my youngest sister was born, my dad would get phnamomnia (sorry for the spelling) and go to the kept on happening more and in june 2010 exactly 2 months before i turned 10 he died.we would visit him in the hospital and the cleanness creeps me out.even when my great grandmom had to go to an old people place it would scare me but she can walk now after her hip surgery and shes out so i'm dad was on life support or whatever you call it and he didn't really have a chance so they took him off and he died.that reminds me of this video when he asks them to kill him.i don't see why they have that if the person can't do anything and has no/not much hope.our language arts class has to print out lyrics from a song that is written for trying to persuade us or inform us and i;'m trying to decide between one by metallica,peace sells by megadeth,something to believe in by poison and i recently thought of hide your heart by KISS.we have to explain to her in person why it is.i'll probably do peace the way hide your heart is about this girl who's dating this guy that treats her like dirt pretty much and she falls in love with another man who is nicer and they date even though she says they can't.the 1st dude found out and searched for the other dude and i get confused here.i think the good dude is murdered but it could be the girl.its about gang related murders.i obviously am not the normal 12 year old more thing,i don't remember getting out of bed i only barely remember shivering in the hall and next thing i knew i was standing in the bathroom shivering and couldn't think straight with the time and what i had to do but for some reason i was thinking about metallica,slayer,and the song raining blood.i think i fell asleep on the bus.

Soldiers "Ordered" to fight?? | Reviewer: Anonymous | 5/30/12

I'm a US Marine. Yes a "Jarhead". Marines,Soldiers,Sailors fight because of a country they (we and I) believe in. Not Just because we are ordered. Nobody told me or any other person that fights for America we had to Join. We did so our Families and our Country can be free. Free from from the things you only hear about on CNN. I for one am Proud that I served. Don't take "Pitty" on me. I wouldn't want you to if I was in a body bag. I am proud to fight next to the finest men in America for something most have forgotten or lossed hope in. America!

Awesome. | Reviewer: RockerFanGirl | 5/9/12

I love this song. I know all the words by heart and I start to sing it at random times. The words just speak to me."I can't remember anything Can't tell if this is true or dream Deep down inside I feel the scream This terrible silence stops it there." These words explain me on how I feel. Best song. I love Metallica. Their songs have made a huge impact in my life. <3 ^_^

incomparable | Reviewer: savage pastry | 12/25/11

this song is so sad yet i cannot turn my ears away. i was singing this (almost involuntarily)in math class to myself and i was just to the "imprisioning me, absolute horror..." when the teacher told me to stop and pay attention. so i sang louder. when she said i was going to get wrote up if i didn't stop immediately, i said "do you not wonder what war causes to the families home and the soldiers dead?" and she was completely tounge tied. priceless...

metallica die die my darling | Reviewer: dzenis | 6/20/11

yeaah die die die my darling don't utter a single world die die die my darling just shut your pretty eyes i'll be seeing you again i'll be seeing you in...heellll so don't cry to me oh baby your future's in an oblong box don't cry to me oh baby you should have seen it-a coming on

die die my darling | Reviewer: dzenko | 6/18/11

yeaah die die die my darling don't utter a single world die die die my darling just shut your pretty eyes i'll be seeing you again i'll be seeing you in....heellll so don't cry to me oh baby your future's in an oblong box don't cry to me oh baby you should have seen it-a coming on

One metallica | Reviewer: Toto | 3/30/11

This song just really shows what life is. It is all a dream (as instrumentals show with happy tune) and BAM! It's all taken away. You will never be the same again. It my happen to criminals and terrible people but also innocent people. But just bare in mind, in a way we are all guilty but also all innocent at the same time. I know that this song does show the inprisonment ABD effects of war but adverse people experience feeling similar to this e.g autism or dementia. Even if you don't have helth issues like that, I assure you many people feel imprisoned in themselves at some stage of there lives. This song doesn't need to relait to war; the word 'ladmine' may be a substutte to 'abuse' and 'war' could be a substitute for 'home'. I'm only 12, but this song SCREAMS to me about how selfish I could be come and more...

Do we know WHAT LIFE MEANT TO US | Reviewer: | 12/27/10

This song may be a few word when you think in fact it let our heart transformed in reality to touch individual feelings in the name of destiny to realize that we are one in this cynical world , what we are to bring equal feelings 2 bring our burden ends.

Johny got his gun | Reviewer: Anonymous | 11/20/10

Joe Bonham, a young soldier serving in World War I, awakens in a hospital bed after being caught in the blast of an exploding artillery shell. He gradually realizes that he has lost his arms, legs, and face, but that his mind functions perfectly, leaving him a prisoner in his own body. He tries to die by suffocating himself but he has been given a tracheotomy, which he cannot remove or control. He successfully attempts to communicate with his doctors by banging his head on his pillow in Morse code. At first he wishes to die, but then he decides that he wants to be put in a glass box and tour the country, to show people the true horrors of war. Neither wish is granted, however, and it is implied that he will live the rest of his natural life in this condition.

As he drifts between reality and fantasy, he remembers his old life with his family and girlfriend, and reflects upon the myths and realities of war. He also forms a bond, of sorts, with a young nurse who senses his plight.

a fan | Reviewer: Anonymous | 9/28/10

this is powerful music, it's about the horrors of war, without a doubt, it's about death and wishing for death because reality is too much , too painful to bear, just kill, me he says, because death so much better than reality..

Above All | Reviewer: Saurav | 9/2/10

Oh Man! What a song. I really like the way they showed the pain and suffering of a soldier in War. Metallica Is very talented. Metallica Can never be beaten, it can never be brought down. THEY ARE ABOVE ALL. Metallica Rulz ! ! !

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