One Voice Albums

  • Luvin You Album (3/9/2004)
    Rescue Me
    Anyplace Anytime
    Make My Body Go
    Luvin' You
    What Does It Take
    All Alone
    I'm Leavin' U
    No More (La La La)
    I Get Lonely
    Lite My Fire
    First Time
    Nobody Else
    My Everything

  • Sincerely Yours Album (6/26/2001)
    So Badd
    Thru It All
    Swing Your Love 2 Me
    I Don't Wanna Dance Alone
    Make Believe
    Crying Game
    Get Your Hands Off Me
    Too Much Heaven
    Come With Me
    U Brighten Up My Life
    My Angel
    Never Leave Your Side - Remix

  • Just the Beginning Album (4/20/1999)
    Mad About U
    All Day All Nite
    Lovin' U
    When U Think About Me
    Always On My Mind
    All That 2 Me
    Here I Go (Falling In Love Again)
    Never Leave Your Side
    Before U Go Tomorrow
    Down with Me
    All Day All Nite
    Do We Stand A Chance

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    Reviews about One Voice albums
    I was the choreographer for One Voice | Reviewer: Kos
        ------ About the album Just the Beginning performed by One Voice

    Having worked with all 5 girls for over 6 years and listening to the album when it spun high rotation in the late 90's I still find my self listening to all of the albums currently. There is something in the quality of the body of music as a whole laced with soulful harmony that I find appealing. The music isn't raunch its sexy , sweet, innocent, sassy and rich with passion passion with a deep under tone of love. its playful sexy flerting with promising the promise of loving loyalty that every girl dreams of sharing with her ideal man.These girls each have their own feel and distinct flare that they bring to the table and each album covers some of the highest high's to the deepest betraying of a heart in love. From hanging with your girls talking about "puppy love" to empowering women to stand tall while working thru the growing pains of adult relationships. I am so proud of what they have accomplished from One Vo1ce to Vo1ce 5 and back to One Vo1ce again they have always remained young ladies, fun loving, and great role models. These girls have been such a positive part of Pinay/American Music History with so many others gaining recognition for the Pinoy Talent Community they will have a pice of legacy to pass to their children to make them proud to stand as proud Pinoy! So check out the works of One Vo1ce and ask yourself if the music has the that timeless quality that each song serves as a place mark to a special moment in your own history? Thats "quality" music!

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