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Queen One Vision Lyrics

Last updated: 05/28/2013 09:14:39 PM

Words and music by Freddie Mercury, Brian May, Roger
Taylor and John Deacon

(God works in mysterious ways)

(I had a dream..)
One man one goal Har! one mission.
One heart one soul just one solution
One flash of light yeah one god one vision

One flesh one bone
One true religion
One voice one hope
One real decision
Wowowowow gimme one vision

No wrong no right
I'm gonna tell you there's no black and no white
No blood no stain
All we need is one world wide vision

One flesh one bone
One true religion
One race one hope
One real decision
Wowowowow oh yeah oh yeah oh yeah!

I had a dream
When I was young
A dream of sweet illusion
A glimpse of hope and unity
And visions of one sweet union
But a cold wind blows
And a dark rain falls
And in my heart it shows
Look what they've done to my dreeeeaaams...Ow!

One vision
So give me your hands
Give me your hearts
I'm ready
There's only one direction
One world one nation
Yeah one vision

No hate no fight
Just exultation
All through the night
It's a celebration
Wowowowow yeah

One one one one...
One vision...

One flesh one bone
One true religion
One voice one hope
One real decision

Gimme one light, yeah
Gimme one hope, hey
Just gimme, ah
One man one man
One bar one night
One day hey hey
Just gimme gimme gimme gimme
Fried chicken

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Clear Vision | Reviewer: Godfrey | 5/28/13

The fried chicken ending is an informal joke lightening the mood after the grandiose pretensions of the rest of the lyric.

Compare with: The Turtles "Happy Together" which ends with repetitions of "Happy Together", but includes the line "How is the weather".

And: The Police "Message In A Bottle" in which the final repeated "Sending out an SOS" becomes "Sending out an Esso blue" during the fade.

"One true religion" appears to be an unintentional joke.

The meaning of fried chicken according to | Reviewer: Petros | 6/3/12

The final line of the song (in the studio, live, and "Blurred Vision" versions, in the album and extended versions the line before the final God works in mysterious ways... Mysterious ways...) is "fried chicken", although the lyrics say "one vision". This was the result of trying to come up with vocal ideas to put into the song. One set of ideas included dishes from a Chinese takeaway menu which they had had for dinner that day—all the rest was scrapped but the fried chicken survived. Jim Hutton, Freddie Mercury's lover, says in his book that the singer was not sure whether to include it in the final cut or not. Hutton encouraged him, saying "You are big enough" (to get away with this).

Chicken | Reviewer: Scooter | 6/19/11

I heard that the "Fried Chicken" line came from the fact they had been in the studio for most of the day and Freddy was getting hungry so at the end of the song just said what he wanted (as it fitted) and refused to re-record it!!! I like to think that is the reason, but it may well not be correct!

Brilliant song. | Reviewer: Anonymous | 6/15/11

I think the 'fried chicken' ending is absolutely brilliant! It reminds me of Bicycle Race in a way. In Bicycle Race, he disregards all the stuff the media's focusing on, forget Watergate, income tax, etc and just ride your bike. This song is so powerful and inspiring... and then at the end, in true Queen fashion, you get a giant eff you to the rest through 'fried chicken'! At least that's how I saw it.

Oh for crying out loud | Reviewer: Leon | 10/17/10

If you all think that "Fried chicken" is a bad ending, listen to the commentary track of Queen, absolute greatest. You'll get you explanation to the fried chicken part, and you can stop your petty squabbles.

my point of view | Reviewer: Anonymous | 10/9/10

the lirycs are very deep and meaningfull, political. adding "fried chicken" shallows them, making them to look being ignored. as the meaning of the whole lirycs are ignored by governments and media feeding populations with frenzzy crap.ignore the big stuff and focus on daily neccesity like fried chicken. i think.

the meaning behind the "fried chicken" part | Reviewer: gio | 7/10/10

I always loved the song, but it was untill I moved to Canada that I realized the real meaning of the song, there is so much diversity here and different religions and it hit me, "fried chicken" is the only meal you can suggest at a coworkers meeting that will go with all origins or religions (unless there are vegetarians among us) Brilliant song.

Great song no matter what. | Reviewer: Harvey | 2/13/10

To be honest... The fried chicken part i don't think it lets the song down at all, by having that as an ending, it adds to the creative and awesomeness of the song. By doing what he does, he makes that song stay in peoples heads for longer. The message in the song was no doubt one that he wanted to put across to his audience, but it would have just been a song with an almost political message, however by adding the fried chicken it adds a memory to the song. When i first heard it i laughed. And i'd imagine more people did as well. However - I do like lejla Marijam's interpretation of the song as well.

fried chicken | Reviewer: lejla Marijam | 8/13/09

i mean, it's all an illusion.. "one goal.. one vision"... and in the end it does not matter at all. it's not that important. it all sounds so grand --- but the fanatic focus on oneness and the "right decision" blah blah is misguided.... it's a joke. and so is fried chicken. respect humanity by letting go of aspirations for uniformity that are contrary to our very nature and that take all the spark out of life. relax and have some fried chicken as your next vision - and give it the respect it deserves as a tangible pleasure of life.

One thing... | Reviewer: Andria | 5/20/08

Love this song so much!! As for the fried chicken, it was probably just a light ending for a song with a very strong message. It could have done without it yes, but it far from ruins the song.

One thing that annoys me (and doesn't really have to do with the song itself)... we don't really need the singer's inflections in there, honestly. I can almost promise "har!" and "eh!" were NOT written into the lyrics, and I think we get it that Freddie grunts or shouts there. It just makes the lyrics seem inelegant.

i love this song... | Reviewer: marv sabino | 1/3/08

Queen is my number 1 favorite rock band of all time. I need not to express more about them. Queen speaks for greatness... Anyway, about the "friend chicken" in the song, I thought that was a very good metaphor to hold the meaning of the song. If there's one type of food that will be given to all the people in this world, it would be "fried chicken," why? coz everybody loves fried chicken---now we all have something in common. Ain't that a very good metaphor?!

Queen Rocks!!!

Good song. | Reviewer: Gabbeh | 6/6/07

This song stayed in my head for a while after the first time I heard it. I loved the sudden "FRIED CHICKEN!! vision vision vision..." At the end. I think it defines the song. Then again, I just like fried chicken a lot. :)

Great song but... | Reviewer: John | 2/7/07

I love this song, but I think it could've done without the "fried chicken" at the end, huh?