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Demon Hunter One Thousand Apologies Lyrics

Last updated: 01/16/2011 10:00:00 AM

There you stood in disbelief,
Trying all you could to see through these lies
And every word that I could breathe,
Found you more inclined to leave,
But I tried, I tried

And knowing what I've done to you,
With every thought you suffer through
My heart as black as evil can
And everything I could have been,
Erased by what I wanted then
I couldn't think of lesser men

All the delicate ways
That I deepened our graves
My apology pales

All the pain in your eyes
My regrets have never known such sorrow
All the shame that you hide
Resolutions are the same tomorrow

So now I reap what I have sown,
And any rapture I have shown has bled dry
And I walked the streets alone,
Accepting pain I've never known,
As you died, you died

Then I hurt myself to see it too,
To feel the knife I put in you
My heart as broken as my ways
I never should've let this pass,
This fall was never meant to last
The reason gone and damage stays



Count the cost of your vile means
Solace comes to less



Oh, the pain in your eyes (the delicate ways)
My regrets have never known such sorrow (I deepened our graves)
Oh, the shame that you hide (the delicate ways)
Resolutions are the same tomorrow (I deepened our graves)

Deepened our graves

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Holy Crap! | Reviewer: Tanner | 1/16/11

First of all Demon Hunter is NOT religious. religion is a word that man made up to give themselves the power to create their own laws, christianity is not a religion it is a faith and a relationship with Jesus Christ. as for the song, it is talking about falling from Jesus and hurting the ones they love. they repent and the demons come in telling them that they are worthless (screaming) the first two choruses are designed as those they hurt(humans) and the last chorus is Jesus talking to them (on their myspace)

an insightful song | Reviewer: Anonymous | 11/14/10

While Demon Hunter are a Christian band, I don't believe that this song is intended to be have a necessarily Christian theme. It seems to be more a personal apology, in a similar light to "forget and not slow down" by Relient K. these songs can be interpretted to be about a damaged relationship between us and God, and it is very easy to do so (as even the Bible uses the metaphor of a marriage between Christ and the Church), but I don't believe this is the intention of this song.

the tie breaker | Reviewer: JD Fallen | 6/6/10

this is a christian band. all thier songs talk about rightousness and how great god is or how they will fight for thier faith. they are an in your face christian band. so get over it. ONE WAY ONE GOD ONE LOVE

who cares? | Reviewer: Metalmagiddon | 2/19/10

this song is amazig who cares if their songs have religios meaning and who cares if they are christian metal band(demon hunter) men just get a life if you don't like this song then don't listen to it.

1,000 | Reviewer: Anonymous | 12/30/09

you are all fucking stupid stop arguing over a song. If you bitch over a simple thing like this I wonder what it's like to live with you or be associated with you. I fell bad for those people who do

This song is awesome

my interpretation | Reviewer: Sara | 10/22/09

I think this song suits exactly what happened to me. The guy screwed up and hurt someone.
My boyfriend cheated on me and then i found out from someone else and he had to tell me what he did. He regrets it..I know he didn't wanna hurt me but thats what happens when people get wasted, they do stupid shit and they hurt people they care about.

duh | Reviewer: me | 10/5/09

this song is religous demon hunter puts them self in the christian genre. the song is a bout karma its a bout doing evil things and then suffering in repentance. what kind of retard thinks a band called DEMON HUNTER isn't religous?

just my thoughts | Reviewer: Anonymous | 6/2/09

i did not even realize that demon was a christian band until I read the comments. I just like their music. about how a song is interpreted, It is like a poem, for that all lyrics are if you remove the music. it means something different to everyone and some times something different each time you hear it. If it is saying something you don't like then look at yourself because that is what you are looking for.

FFS | Reviewer: JLew | 3/13/09

Seriously people, if you have that bug up your ass that refuses to let you enjoy something that is religious (be it Christian or otherwise) then just pretend that the song is about something as simple as a man and a woman.

For fuck sake, it's a beautiful song written with pretty fucking obvious intent speaking about sinning and backsliding and how it hurts more than just the man himself.

Put your blinders on if the truth hurts, because it's plain to see.

Yes we can. | Reviewer: STFUman | 1/9/09

For the record, Demon Hunter is in fact a Christian band. Yes, their songs do have religious menaing. Ryan Clark, the vocalist and lyricist (meaning the guy who wrote the songs) has compared each and every Demon Hunter original single to a Bible verse. I'm not religious myself, I just happen to be irritated by all the people on here making anti-religious arguements.