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The Statler Brothers One Takes The Blame Lyrics

Last updated: 05/07/2007 11:00:00 AM

When it's over, and God knows as well as we it is
When we pack up and stack up what's hers and what's his
When we make up the stories that cover up the shame
They never will beleive we simply fell out of love
So one takes the bow one takes the blame

It wont be easy to throw away so many years and smile
But don't feel guilty, we gave it our best for awhile
But the story we tell our friends must always be the same
Cause they never would believe it was really no ones fault, one takes the bow one takes the blame

One takes the bow one takes the blame, that's the way you have to play the game
Your friends need someone they can talk about and blame
And God forbid for my friends need the same, aint that a shame

When we get lonely, and lonely we'll get now and then
Just remember that somewhere we both still have a friend
Love's not forever and ours went as gently as it came
So for all the years I've loved you, and you know I really loved you
You take the bow I'll take the blame
You take the bow I'll take the blame

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