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Under The Weather One More Step Lyrics

Last updated: 05/17/2003 12:51:48 AM

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I'm so I'm so wasted
I can't I can't take it
Ten lines lines that I've dropped
One more and I swear that I'll stop

Open your eyes to see the fear I'm hiding
Open your eyes to see the hate I'm fighting
Open your eyes to see me laying down the rent
In my world of discontent

Are you ready to fly

Don't you give up on me
Cuz all you got is me
And boy you better believe
They're after me

I'm afraid afraid of myself
I'm to scared scared to get help
Open your heart to see how hard I'm trying
Open your heart to see that I'm not lying
Open your hear to see me trying to control
All I say and all I know

Take one more step I'll kill myself

I'm not ready for this day
To know god is to know god
is to know you are god

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