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Vaughn Anthony One More Chance Lyrics

Last updated: 08/04/2012 09:57:20 PM

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Give me one more chance
Baby baby give me one more chance
Give me one more chance
Baby baby give me one more chance

Hold on, stop
Please don’t walk outside that door
Pain ain’t new to you
I know you felt it all before
Caught me sleepin’ around late at night
Too vivid secrets in my drawer
And they ain’t yours
When it’s supposed to
You had a few dreams
Yea, it sounds like I told you

You’re still accepting me that I go my life
You did not listen to your friends when they told you to leave

But all I ask of you is for one more
One more chance, yea
(One more chance)
Baby baby give me (one more chance)
Give me one more chance
Baby baby give me one more chance

Baby, please
I’m down on bended knees
Tell what I got to do
For you not to leave
I, I pick up the pieces
Change my direction
This the connection
Love and affection
Baby girl, between you and me

You begged for me to change and give you more, honey
I know, I know, I know this is the last time
Baby all I’m asking for is one more, yea
Baby, give me one more

Yea, I remember what you told me, girl
Never forget what you told me, nah
I remember what you told me girl
Never forget what you told me
You told me you was crazy for me and I’m your only
Nobody make you feel like I make you feel homie
Don’t let go of me, remember those lines?
Yea, that’s your script
I guess you a actress huh
I know you mean it when you say that you love me for life
Just give me another shot so I can make it right
Damn girl, you the coldest girl when you’re upset
I miss your warm heart, I’m freezin’ to death
Let me back in the house that we built with love
I made a huge mistake, I ain’t even gon front it
There’s nobody hotter than you, I can’t stunt
You the only girl in the world and all that I want

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