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One Man Army Biography

Last updated: 04/15/2003 10:29:06 PM

ONE MAN ARMY is a San Francisco based trio consisting of Jack Dalrymple (lead guitar/vocals), Heiko Schrepel (bass/vocals), and the newest member Chip Hanna (formerly of the U.S Bombs) on the drums/vocals. Their sound could be categorized as classic punk / rock and roll, but to to limit them to a specific genre’ would be a shame, considering the lyrical content and song structure go far beyond that. ONE MAN ARMY has been hard at work since 1996, consistently touring and improving their sound. Chip has brought a fresh new element to the band with his undeniable drumming style, his vocals are a perfect compliment to the strong and powerful efforts of Jack and Heiko. The classic sound of the band has been preserved, while the addition of a new member has helped OMA perfect their sound. The newly reformed group will simply be an unstoppable force. This is a band that will make you realize why you love music so damn much!

ONE MAN ARMY has released 2 full-length albums Dead End Stories and Last Word Spoken on Oakland’s own Adeline Records (Green Day’s frontman Billy Joe Armstrong’s label). OMA has also put out four singles, the latest on Fat Wreck Chords. Their music has also been included on countless compilation CD’s. The video for the hit “Another Night” which gives an authentic feel to the live performance of the band) has been seen on MTV and repeatedly shown on M2. Magazine critics have always revered ONE MAN ARMY’S music, and given their performances the highest ratings. The eclectic influence of this band ranges anywhere from the Toy Dolls to the Beatles and really shines through on their new material. The follow up to Last Word Spoken is anxiously awaited by many.

ONE MAN ARMY has an impressive amount of U.S. tours under their belts and are considered one of the hardest working bands in music today. They often stay on the road for up to a year at a time, just for the love of it! Their music draws an audience of young and old alike making them the first choice for bands like Social Distortion, Less Than Jake, Bouncing Souls, The Business, No Use For A Name and many many more, to tour with. They were also a featured band on the entire 2000 Warped Tour, and have been asked to return again.
The future of this super talented band is endless. If you haven’t heard of ONE MAN ARMY, be prepared to get very familiar with your new fixation and if you are already a loyal fan, keep spreading the word. OMA is guaranteed to take over the airwaves like a bullet to the heart. The time has come for a band to represent the people who really know how to enjoy music with a passion and that’s why ONE MAN ARMY exists!

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