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Picture House One In A Million Lyrics

Last updated: 04/02/2001 09:54:26 PM


Getting peeled off another bar
I've got to go but it's just too far
She's looking good for a night in a padded cell
Like a virus with no antidote
She's looking good but she might be a bloke
She could be venus but it's getting so hard to tell

How would I know the kind of love
One in a million girls
One in a million years
Could give me

I see the smiles through the coloured smoke
I'd love to laugh but I don't ge the joke
Guess I'm the star in a one man show
Pour me a cab with a lemon twist
A bowl of peanuts and a well-placed fist
Oooh I'm seeing those chips again


Looking at the world
Why can't it see me
You know I wish it could see me

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