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Love it babe(repeat 12 times in groups of 3)

(1st verse)
Baby you don't know
What you do to me
between me and you I feel a chemistry.
i won't let no one come and take your place
Cause the love you give it can't be replaced.
see No one else loves me like you do
That's why I don't mind to
Spend my life with you
I Wanna please you in any way I can
I Wanna share my world and don't you understand.

Your love is a one in a million
It goes on and on and on
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You give me a really good feelin' all day long
your love is one in a million
It goes on and on and on
You give me a really good feelin' all day long

( 2nd verse)
turn me inside out,
Make my heart speak
Need no one else you're all I need
Personality(ty),and everything you do(do)
Makes me love everything 'bout you.
Your smile,
Your style, so fly, I can't deny.IGotta crush on you and that is true indeed
Now I'm diggin' you, you makin me believe.


(bridge Repeat 2x)
I'll give you anything you want from me
Anything you want,
Anything you need,
Anything your soul desires.

(chorus 2x)

Love it babe(until fade)

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Miss You!! | Reviewer: Amina brooks | 1/19/14

Aaliyah I really miss Yu Yu died in my birthday year. Since this year was yur birthday year I spent all my data on researching your songs today all I could think bout was Yu I was.watchin a clip today bout yur death it hurted my heart really knowin tht I would have never gotten a chance to meet Yu!!! But I could see y god wanted Yu him Yu were truly and angel!!#PopPrincess!😍

One In a MIllion | Reviewer: nichole | 4/4/13

heyyy i miss yhu very much remeber who ur mom was she didnt make the girl u are today i love yhu have everything yhu have the shape and tha voce yhu have gift i listen to ur sone everyday mi favorite one is One In Miliion that crash havent left yet yhu are still here with us gone but not forgotton

to lat you know i love you your songz and movies | Reviewer: bertha fomby | 9/7/11

hey aaliyah i just wanted to say i love you and all your songz at specialy one in a million i like how you sing you was singing before you were a teenager and i liked when you played in romeo must die you were a good actress in that movie and i like your song rock the boat i sing it all the time and i wish you was still here today cause i think you would be a better singer than beyonce she is the new singing queen since you have passed away

the queen of all queen | Reviewer: lorena | 5/9/11

my name aaliyah aaliyah died 3 weeks before i was born.My dad siad that why he named me aaliyah.Plus i LOVE this songs soooooo munch.I can listin to this all day long.My DAD loves this song.My oppin is i love this song more then he does.Am 9 years old.And i go throgh a lot of stuff in my life.BUY GOD HERE MY PRAYER GIVE ME LUCK TO NOT DIE WHEN AM 21.

gone but neverrrrr forgotten | Reviewer: monkeyamor98 | 4/23/11

i love aaliyah so much shes my role 13 now in wont to be just like her.I know what god in aaliyah want us to do they dont want us to cry about her dealth.but to rejoyce it cause god got his child back.We "MISS YA"aaliyah,left eye,2pac,bigge and all the other great artist tht were reborn.gone but never forgotten:)

Jazmin g loves Daniel Bailon | Reviewer: Anonymous | 1/20/11

Omg!!! I love this song so much! I wish Aaliah was still here to see life buhh i understand she is somewhere better!;) i loved her songs and her movies:) she is the star of all stars and queen of all queens!!!! To all her fans lets keep jer memory awake and listen to her songs because i bett thats what she would be most appreciating:) We love you Aaliah!!!! R.i.P. The QueeN of All!!!<3

I love you Aaliyah | Reviewer: Anonymous | 10/6/10

I love her so much she is the best singer and if she was still alive she would be better than beyonce.Its sad that her life ended at the age of 22 and didn't fully live her life to the best she is always in my heart and I will never ever forget you.

please come back | Reviewer: street but sweet | 6/16/09

this is a really good song.i was only four when she died and i didnt even know her but as soon as i heard that tribute to her with dmx and heard her voice i suddenly started to cry.i was like what is wrong with me but now i look up to her.she wears the coolest clothes.oh well but if i got to meet her mann that would have been so cool.

AALIYAH!!!!!!!!!!!!!! | Reviewer: alofa | 9/2/08


great song | Reviewer: Ny'Asia Wilkes | 11/16/07

I really like this song a whole is very great. she was a very good artist and her songs are still plwasing to this day.

SO COOL | Reviewer: Chris Brown | 9/25/07

Aaliyah...i Love her! she is so cool and her songs... i wished that plane ouldn't of crashed. whoever put that thing about the lip liner is wierd. but come over to my house to do the nasty!

Melissa Reyes | Reviewer: Anonymous | 5/12/07

You know how Aaliyah has the lip liner on.well she should take it off because it looks very ugly

2 let cha kno how i feel inside bout diz song | Reviewer: Jasmine Price | 5/11/07

watz up witcha Aaliyah me nuthin much really so wat u been up 2 lately besides making songs me just chillen at da crib wit my baby K.J well anywayz drop on down 2 da subject i wuz just writing 2 tell ya dat i really love diz song dat really means alot 2 me becuz da person i go wit is one in a million but its just da fact dat im getting where i dont love him anymore well i got 2 go so ima holla at cha later gurl...PEACE OUT.HOMIE...

Alexandra | Reviewer: Alexandra | 5/7/07

This song I really love it because this person in my lyfe is one in million and I love him so much but I cant be with him because he dont wanna be with me any more but I really love him and means the world to me Eugene Donel Anderson.

The Aaliyah Lyrics | Reviewer: desirae | 2/20/07

i think that this is a very important song for all aaliyah fans. this is soo cool to still have her lyrics downloadable

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