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The sins of deliverance
The eyes of the patriot fixed through the scope
The unknowing tyrant walks to the rope
Its when murder is justice that martyrs are made
A one-gun salute for the new independence day
They'll hallow your name
They'll hallow your name for your sacrifice
The sins of deliverance

"So let the wicked perish in the presence of God for your sacrifice"

The sins of the father atoned by the son
Confessions of commitment broken
A nail driven for every one
Its when murder is justice that martyrs are made
A one-gun salute for the new independence day
They'll hallow your name
They'll hallow your name for your sacrifice
You are the cause, I am the effect
Created in hatred, a noose for your neck
The eyes of the patriot fixed through the scope
The unknowing tyrant walks to the rope
They'll hallow your name
For your Sacrifice.
They'll hallow your name
Sacrifice. Sacrifice. Sacrifice.
They'll hallow your name

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Clever | Reviewer: Debanjan | 3/15/14

I listened to this song three years back and today suddenly on youtube i found it. This song is so fresh after all these years of listening metal still gives chill specially the ending. LOG always adress and focus on the impact on the society due to war,politics,injustice. how sometimes truth is made not uncovered. They try to point us towards what them nasty politicians are hiding in their sleeves. They still amaze me. Not to mention the high quality of technique members have in chosen instrument. Lot of people say metal does not make sense, well back in time they said similar things about theory of relativity or on great Jimmy. Everyone has different taste and they have the right to nurture it. And that's what makes human being unique.
Love from India.

Please Remember | Reviewer: Anonymous | 6/12/11

The situation didn't change but where i put the blame
Was in the wronge and im incredibly sorry for that.
I believe this happened for a reason to distract
From the real truth and that affected far too many to count.
That is why i am so sorry beyond words.
And please remember
That there is something real bad happening
Even if the wronge words in context were used.
And im not meaning only those working to survive
.Im so sorry i hurt all of you
.My loyality forever.
Forever Silent

sweat song | Reviewer: nigger beater | 5/28/11

i love this song i play the drums and cover it alot very fun to play. lady about the kids in day care what the fuck r u talking about maby i just dnt under stand the lyrics right but i dont see how ur story ties n to this song

Wow | Reviewer: Alex | 8/14/09

First, I really agree with 'B' and 'Andrew', they are under appreciated, sadly.. They're my favorite band, I love all their albums (including Burn The Priest)
Secondly, to the 'anonymous' with the daycare story.. Write a book, seriously. Could help you;)

my story for this song | Reviewer: Anonymous | 6/7/09

No one is taking on this subject.Hundreds accross the world from all different countries have exsperienced this gang stalking.They are all over you tube.

This is a very real and rising problem.

For me i was in the wronge place at the wronge time.I walked in on a very bad situation and thank god i did.

I left my child at a daycares at a in private in house daycare while i went out to the store.She was just under two years old at the time.This lady said she ran a daycare so i thought i could trust her.

When i returned from the store after less than a hour of being gone.I tried calling but she would not answer the phone.So i went running over there.There house is set up that the living room and kitchen are connected to the front door.In a big open space.That is where the kids play room is by the fronte door.In the living room.I banged very hard for a good couple of mins b4 anyone would open the door.When the door was finaly opened i was met by a strange man.....and the whole house so dark i couldnt even see into the kitchen.Finaly through the darkness i was able to make out my lil girl sitting in a highchair with no one around other than this strange man who apeared to be blocking my way to get to my child The daycare lady was no where to be found or any of the other children who when i dropped her off were all in play mode and hyper as can be.

I quickly grabed my child and was taking her towards the door.The stranger still not saying anything to me.Suddenly the neighbor came running out of from the back of the house and actualy was trying to rip my child from my arms saying she could stay longer and nap with the rest of the children.My child was oddly quiet and shaking like she was scared or in shock.

Her eyes were very large and she had this blank look on her face one like id never seen her have.
And my child seemed oddly tired.I put my child into bed and she fell asleep almost instantly.
I then proceeded to go upstairs to have a cigarette.
It was what i heard next that will forever change my life.Just for the fact that i met this man face to face is why i have gang stalkers after me today.
As i was lighting my cigarette i could hear there voices start to rise.
He was franticaly screaming at her that he paid her good money and why cant she make sure that the parents not come back early.
He was allso very upset that i had seen him and what he looked like.
He kept screaming bout money over and over .The money he had given her to ensure time with my daughter.And the fact that i the parent had come back early.They were talking like my little girl was a piece of property to them.
Ever since this teriable day i have been gang took me 6 months of confusion as to what was going on now that i do know it makes me feel a lot better.
They have repeatedly tried running me over while crossing the crosswalk and all the while driving through a red light.Allways different red pick up trucks.
This is all when i was out with my child in her stroller walking.I have moved away from that town only to exsperoience same behavior in the town i live in now.
When i went to the police they acted like i was spreading lies bout the daycare person.Even the red pick up trying to run me and my lil girl over.
Its been hard to exsplian to people the gangstalking....
The only way i can fight them is by not showing a reaction to their stalking or weird behavior.
Im just so glad i got to my child in time.

and i went all the proper steps to everyone ur suposto
but no one treated me serious i even found out the cop i made the statment to was freinds with the daycare person
I think theres lots of people involved....who knows tho if people who are involved realy know the true truth.
ive even seen a couple of times what looked like kids being transported..looking very unkept and scared....i reconized the woman with these kids as the daycare ladies freind with a realy scruff looking dude taking these cildren to a deserted beach.In a area close to where i live.Twice even.
And i swear on top of that i saw these other people leaveing a spot in the trees like they all came from underground tunnel or something.
There was a privat island just across the lake from this park and a weird looking building on it.

These kids were very scared looking and the womans own child was no where to be seen.We are talking mid day school age kids
Theres some strange stuff happening here.But ive allready tried going to the police with no help what so ever.
And nancy by the way.In every shape and form i know the daycare lady and her hubby have been stalking me for 6 months now.i know there veihles.
And the stalking even sarted b4 i went to the authorities.

These daycare people are not innocent in any shape or form.
They are just trying every attempt to make it seem that way.:Lies are the corner stone of people like them.
When i heard this cold hearted woman talk of my child like a object to be sold.
And there was no human left in her voice just a selfish truely evil individual.
I dont care what kind of contacts she lieing to...she still is the one i know who is making money off of innocent children.I heard it with my own ears.
The day that i caught the bitch doi8ng this with my child i have not stopped being harassed targeted and bullyed.Even my own freinds i have discovered are all apart of this group called citizens on patrol.And most likely the whole time feeding back info to the this daycare ladys associates.
The c-o-p are a big part of the problem in this town.
They are harrassing me but have no idea why and or what im being 6targeted for.Im sure if they knew the truth or even listen would figure out that who they are working for are just pediphile scum.

tight | Reviewer: Andrew | 3/26/09

In response to 'B'

Sadly, yes, there are plenty of people who doubt there talent, which is quite sad. I used to be one of those people that thought metal was trash, but then I got into it and realized how technical and deep it is. Great song, and the drums really get me pumped up

Depth | Reviewer: Alm | 1/30/09

I find this song (along with many metal songs) to have a depth of meaning much greater than the majority of modern music. The fact that the band manages to keep it a song with as much emphasis on the guitar and drums as there Is for thee lyrics really displays talent both in songwriting and in LoG's performance of it.

F*ck yeah... | Reviewer: B | 11/18/08

Godd*mn, one of the best songs EVER! There aren't many bands out there that can paint such a clear and evocative picture with a song, but leave it to Lamb of God to do just that, and with one f*ck of a beat too... Are there many people left that doubt their talent?

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