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Face First One For The Road Lyrics

Last updated: 07/09/2003 08:08:50 PM

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Awake early morning the sun's shining into my eyes,
god don't change it,
I could live my life out on open roads now.
grab the wheel, floor the pedal
and speed into something that's new,
something distant.
Don't you ask, just drive and take me away from here.

I see the clouds in the sky so high.
Eyes wander to my watch, think "do we have time?"
And if we don't will we get by
Just think no road and it will make you wanna cry.

Awake late at night, the moon's casting all of our light,
god don't change it.
I could live my life out on open roads now.
Gas it up, hit the bathroom
and get to the next show 1300 miles west.
All we think is where we're gonna be sleeping next.

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