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One Dollar Short Biography

Last updated: 04/16/2003 05:54:47 AM

Scott.E Woods - Vocals / Trent Crawford - Guitar / Michael Smith - Drums / Adam Check - Bass

Having built a loyal fanbase off the back of only two previous EPs - Press and Hold and From The Start - the debut album from Central Coast punk rock four-piece, One Dollar Short, could not be more anticipated by the Aussie punk scene.

It started back in 1998 thanks to two bands being more than one dollar short (literally) and practicing in a cheap Central Coast rehearsal space.

After months of vocalist Scott E Woods and drummer Mick Smith listening to each other's bands through the paper-thin rehearsal walls, Mick (then playing in 976 Moto) and Scott E gradually became friends and realised they had similar tastes in musical direction.

"Scott E was looking for a drummer for One Dollar Short and Trent and I were looking for a singer. We slowly came to an agreement to merge bands, but there was a catch. ScottE had to relinquish guitar duties to enable Trent [Crawford join the band. tells Mick Smith.

Scott E was left alone with the microphone, guitarist Trent and drummer Mick joined, later followed by bassist Adam Check. One Dollar Short was born.

Skip to 2002. With emo-punk (emotional-punk) spreading through America with the likes of Jimmy Eat World, Saves the Day and the Get Up Kids, Australia's own One Dollar Short deliver the catchy heartfelt punk rock diary, Eight Days Away, right as the sub-genre begins to flourish.

The catchiest elements of punk pop blended with a noticeably emo edge, lyricist Scott E Woods shares his feelings with "The Letter" and the infectious melodies of latest single, "Is This The Part?". Definitely an album for any punk fan who's ever been in (or out of) love.

The album was recorded at Gosford's Mangrove Studio, produced by Matt Lovell (who has recently worked with silverchair, Grinspoon and Something For Kate) and mastered in America by Tom Baker (Sevendust, Alien Ant Farm, Megadeth). The 11-track winner is packed with contagious choruses ("Unsung Hero"), tunes as melodic as "Satellite", but with all the punk spirit of "Shots Were Fired".

"We called it Eight Days Away, because sometimes when you're touring you feel like there's eight days in the week. And every one of them is a Saturday", says Scott E Woods.

It seems like their perpetual Saturdays have paid off. Their strength at pulling massive crowds being proven by their recent performances, at Homebake, the Millecolin tour and most noticeably, the Vans Warped Tour 2002. At Warped they competed for an audience (and won) against America's well-known left-coast punks MxPx, who played the same time slot on a different stage in Dee Why, Sydney.

One Dollar Short position themselves at the forefront of the punk-rock scene with their debut album, Eight Days Away.