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Release Date: 11/18/2011
Tracks in Up All Night: What Makes You Beautiful, Gotta Be You, One Thing, More Than This, Up All Night, I Wish, Tell Me A Lie, Taken, I Want, Everything About You, Same Mistakes, Save You Tonight, Stole My Heart, Bonus Tracks, Stand Up, Moments, Forever Young

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HaynLove | Reviewer: Anonymous | 3/28/14

I live in the Islands, in the South Pacific, and I believe that I am the only biggest fan of 'em all. I adore you 1D and just dreaming about the day youse concert on the islands. It'll be a wish come true. I love your unique ways and expressions. Got no suitable words to describe the way I admire yous guys. ILOVEYOU1D :-) XO

i love u one direction so much | Reviewer: marwa mazhar | 3/3/14

every single time when i listen to your songs i totally go crazy and jump around and dance like a fool i never liked any groups before ONE DIRECTON and i don't think that i will be into any other boy or girl bands a really happy and proud DIRECTIONER

Fetus | Reviewer: Hanna Mae Horan | 1/18/14

I still love UAL even its already 2k14. I love the lads so much. You dont have any idea how much! They made me cry by their sucess. Ive never been inlove like this. One Direction is phenomenal. Theyre the best!

5 perfect guys | Reviewer: Connie Queen | 12/28/13

One direction have changed my life in so many ways just by the lyrics in the songs they sing. I loved all thr albums and i absolutely love midnight memories. I just want Liam, Niall, Harry, Louis, and Zayn to know that they are amazing guys and I like how all of them have their own unique style and how they all have their own wonderful personalities. Keep it up and be your self guys.

1D My heart. | Reviewer: Sunita Jena | 11/2/13

I'm the biggest fan of One Direction.I love their songs sooooooo much!! Now Im so excited about their new album 'Midnight memories'..i rlly hope to see them concert..that day my dream come true..luvvvv uu 1D!!!!

Up All Night Album Review | Reviewer: Mixtioner | 10/27/13

I feel that the album has very deep meaning about love and/or interest in girls. It covers all of the bases. It isn't as mature as Take Me Home or what I've heard of Midnight Memories, but overall, it is a good album. Continue working hard, boys.

one direction <3 ;) <3 | Reviewer: mrs. stypayhorlikson <3 | 10/16/13

these boys hve changed my life completely. there has never been a day where i have not heard their songs! i'm just loving it!;) looking foward to their new album midnight memories<3. and loved up all night and take me home! one of the best albums ever! <3 <3 Love you guys to bits! Niall <3 Louis <3 Zayn <3 Harry <3 Liam <3 DIRECTIONER OF LIFE <3 ;) ;D

OMG MALIK..YOU MAKE ME SWEAT! | Reviewer: mrs.malik | 10/5/13


CRAZY_ABOUT_YOU_GUYS!!!!!!!!!!!! | Reviewer: Anonymous | 10/5/13

OMG ONE DIRECTION! You guys have truly stole my heart and you have got that one thing and I neeed that one thing!! guys u really don't know how crazy you have made me! im totally into you zayn harry Louis niall and liam! you boys truly rock the world!

Its gotta b u!! | Reviewer: Ashlyn | 8/23/13

OMG! U'll not believe me but I just go crazy for u people!! Ur voices r just 2 good I always keep on singin ur songs I've also heard the whole take me home album!! Luv u:-) :-) :-)

What I think about One Direction | Reviewer: Maggie Hamann | 6/30/13

Well, I believe you can't Truly, Madly, Deeply love someone without actually knowing them. I mean, we know One Direction from their songs, looks, interviews, and MUCH more. But we don't know about them when they're by themselves. Sure, there's videos of them when they're by themselves, but how do you know if they're acting? I really do like One Direction, A LOT. But I don't LOVE them, like every other "Directioner" does. But I really DO like One Direction. I really do. And I really hope to see them in concert, but I don't think that will happen..

1D;Reviewer;Grace 1/7/13 | Reviewer: grace | 5/31/13

i love all the songs on one direction, and i hope i could see them and i always sang their songs with my friends while we're in class, i love especially UP ALL NIGHT AND LITTLE THINGS and i wish i could watch their new album.

I wanna stay Up all Night listening to 1D songs | Reviewer: Aisha Styles | 5/30/13

It's sooooo catchy. My fave song is Up All Night. My fave member is Harry. He's sooooo cute. His dimples and curly hair are his no. 1 features. There is no one as cute or as special as Harry styles. Well not in my life anyway
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THEY ARE MY LIFE!!! | Reviewer: Harmony | 4/29/13

I love all their songs and I'm getting ultimate VIP for their next world tour!!!! In 2014!!! And me and my 2 other friends are going to save up money to buy them and omg! I can't wait! I LOVE ONE DIRECTION!!!!!!!!!

i love 1D | Reviewer: JodieHoran | 4/24/13

I love 1d I have both of their albums and all of their songs on ny phone! People say they are just famous for their look but have u heard their voices?????? They are the most popular boy band on the planet! I love them so much and they are a big inspiration

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