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Release Date: 11/13/2012
Tracks in Take Me Home: Live While We're Young, Kiss You, Little Things, C'mon, C'mon, Last First Kiss, Heart Attack, Rock Me, Change My Mind, I Would, Over Again, Back For You, They Don't Know About Us, Summer Love, Bonus Tracks, She's Not Afraid, Loved You First, Nobody Compares, Still The One, Truly Madly Deeply, Magic, Irresistible

Take Me Home Album Tracklist

1D r my life :) | Reviewer: Lily | 10/22/14

I luv all there albums your all fake fans if you have a favourite! I eat a packet of carrots each day because of lewis! and i dont care how much i eat because of nail!! Im filling my room with mirrors because of zain :) And i love cats so much bevause of hary!!!! Liam has made me wanty to be smart and mature!! Im glad liam is daddy directioner !!!!!

I LOVE THIS ALBUM | Reviewer: maria | 10/8/14

My second favorite album is take me home its amazing!! my first is midnight memories, actually all of them are my favorite. anyway, im a huge fan of them and Im so proud to what they have achieved in the past few years. My favorite song is little things and over again <3 I love you guys #1D

1D untill we see the sun¤¤¤○○:-) | Reviewer: Angkha | 9/24/14

1d are superb.I like them since 2012.I've a crush on liam payne since he appeared in the video 'one thing'.I've equal ♡for all of them.All have got there unique features which makes them more attractive.I hope that in future they'll never lose their dignitythey have have earned .GOD BLESS THEM ALWAYS!!!!!!!!I♡YOU....GUYS..............LIAM,LOUIS,NIALL,HARRY AND ZAYN!

I love you so much ...1D | Reviewer: Aliyia | 7/16/14

I dont no about to you but im feeling in love in one direction.. One direction is big band in a universe!!!hey ...I want t see one direction in personal

One Direction | Reviewer: Naomi | 7/2/14

I just want to say thanks I was looking for a few of the songs off here haha. They are absolutely amazing nobody understands how much they have done and how many people they make happy and how many lives they have saved! I love them all a lot <3

One Direction <3 | Reviewer: Emily | 6/5/14

One Direction = Life! They are the best boyband in the planet! They have helped me through so much!!!!! I love Niall James Horan so much! Nialler 4 life!!!!!!!

Directioners | Reviewer: Anonymous | 4/13/14

I hope everyone out there does know that... No. One Direction isn't the greatest thing on this Earth. I AM a Directioner, but you guys take it a little far... I mean-- Sure! We love them, and all, but we take it a little far... Like ya know... Now. Don't get me wrong we all have our days...

I Love One Direction | Reviewer: Mrs. Stypayhorlikson :P | 3/26/14

Hii!! I wasn't really feeling good tody... long story. But then I listened to the miracle of Earth (AKA One Direction), and I felt so much better. I can't say I'm the biggest directioner ever, cause my ex-best friends are hugge directioners!! Just keep it going boys, never let ANYONE bring you down. Even if you do, you have to believe in yourself, cause (REMEMBER THIS!!) you WILL pull through. Sometimes you might need help from others, but everyone is only human, after all. You know there are people all around the world who love, so keep going... LOVE YOU 5 BOYS SO MUCH!

My faves in the album Take Me Home | Reviewer: MizoDirectionerNarryShipper | 3/10/14

I love the album, all of the songs were so great! My fave were Irresistible and Change My Mind cause the tunes and the lyrics matched perfectly in these two songs.... 1D keep it up! :-*

DIRECTIONER FOREVER ♥ PH ♥ | Reviewer: Darynelle StyPayHorLikSon =) x | 3/10/14

I hope 1D will go here in the Philippines on 2015 !! love them all! but the most i wanted is Zayn ♥ ZERRIE ♥ SOPHIAM ♥ ELOUNOR ♥ LOVE LOVE LOVE ♥ Follow me Lads ! @darynellemalik on twitter ! =) xoxoxoxoxo

Biggest directioner Rojina | Reviewer: Rojina badal | 2/24/14

I love one direction sooo much.I can't stay a day without listening their voice specially zayn and without watching their videos.I love all the songs of 1D.I can't explain how much i love and like you all.Love u boys muuaaah...

1D is my life | Reviewer: Rojina badal | 2/24/14

One direction have changed my life but dont know how.Whenever i felt sad and lonely i listen their songs which makes me feel happy and awesome.1D light up my world like nobody else because i have not heard the best songs like 1D n their songs are best songs ever.I like their style,personality,atitude n i fell in love with 5 boys.

One direction❤️❤️ | Reviewer: Ailenemartinez ❤️ | 2/22/14

All their albums are amazing. I love one direction. You guys are the best. Keep singing all us directioner swill appreciate you even if the hater don't they are just jealous we love one direction!!❤️

Their changed my life :) | Reviewer: @ermawlestari | 1/31/14

I really love 1D i'm from Indonesia and i wish i can meet them someday :) they have changed my life from i don't know how to be a good person and so bored of my life then they comes so fast to my life, i just heard them from an actor in UK and i stalk 1D it has been 2 years ago yeah i listened WMYB and it makes me a DIRECTIONER untill now! Ahh so long story if i put it in haha by just follow my twitter guys! I LOVE Y'ALL <3

i love one direction | Reviewer: sierra mccrary | 1/29/14

i love one direction they are my life i love all there songs they have not made one yet that i don't like Keep it up boys
<3 Liam,Harry, Louis, Niall,and Zayn
plz never break up

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