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Kitty Wells One By One Lyrics

Last updated: 03/22/2014 08:13:52 AM

One By One ...Kitty Wells

One by one you broke each vow we made
It was you who lied, it me who paid
As sure as there's a heaven beyond the sun
You'll pay for your lies one by one

My plans and hopes have tumbled down
My castle of dreams plunged to the ground
How can you face me after what you've done
You've shattered my dreams one by one

One by one...

How can you go to sleep at night
Don't old memories, make you long for daylight
You'll pay the price after having your fun
You'll regret each mistake one by one

The love i treasured you sold for gold
With worldly goods you left me cold
Your happy now but the time will come
Your false loves will leave you one by one.
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