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I'mmortal (Immortal) One By One Lyrics

Last updated: 03/22/2003 03:47:11 AM

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Aeons ago the legends tell we rode onward
Led astray by the northern chaos gods
Calm before the storm we came from the north..
Horses roamed in the open landscapes

The scald sang to their kings
Only he who battle wins
The scald sang to their kings
Let the battle be fought to be won

Tremble with fear for the banner of our kings
War now calls heed to the battle
Hear our swords clinging in the wind
Men cast from their saddles horses roar and scream
Descendants of wrath and the kingdoms of fear...
The might we possess burn like fire
The will remain in our northern hearts...
More scalps to be won - an eye for an eye

Aeons ago the legends tell we rode onward
Led astray by the northern chaos gods
One by one by the northern tribe you fall
One by one..die by the strongest of them all
Still theres only greatness sunged to those who fell
Who battled strong to win these wars..
One by one we took your lives

Grey mist swirl across the meadows..
Where battles once ruled the steps
Where the ancient armours of bronce..
Are buried and corroded by time
Strong where those who won the war..
And the legends tell only of wrath
As brothers of the northern tribes..
They guarded the borders of chaos
We leave this Battlefields ground ...
Red where the rivers of blood
Unforgotten by the ones ...
Born of strenght and glory

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