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One-21 Biography

Last updated: 06/01/2004 08:54:59 PM

One-21 started as a four piece in December of 1995 in a Northeast Philadelphia basement. Kenny Klein, Tom Manns, Vince Radcliffe and Paul Sanders were joined by Kristopher Klein in May, 1997 before their first national tour. Paul left to pursue other opportunities sometime in the year 2000 and long time friend Adam Garbinski took his place. Adam remained with the band for one year.

Over the past eight years One-21 has been compared to many different bands and kinds of music. But rather than try to “fit” a specific sound or category One-21 has created music they want to play regardless of genre. This philosophy can be summed up by the words of guitar player Kristopher Klein “We play what we like and like what we play.”