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Dark clouds and thunderstorms in the fires and flames were born
Through darkness traveling on the night
Hellfires and rain will fall, time is coming for us all
Our journey for the guiding light

Firelight it is burning so bright in the dark of the night
As we fight for the glory tonight there's nowhere to hide
On the wings of your destiny brings all the power you crave
Careful now if not you then who else will we save

Lost in this world total stranger
Death by the sword a common danger
You know that everything is not what it seems
March on all night forever searching
Daylight ahead is only lurking*
Break through the walls and use the power of your dreams

Once in a lifetime take a chance at the right time the glory to see
Rise up for the time of your life
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Now the time has come for you to be free

In the minds of society we all live in harmony
Truth is that we all die in vain
You stand for what you believe
I kill for what I conceive
Is there then a title for this game?

Far away in the wastelands of hell full of torment and pain
Demon knights riding over the heights where the fallen are slain
Violent fury of firestorming death now no life will prevail
Now you live all your days in the fires of hell

Lost in this world total stranger
Death by the sword a common danger
You know that everything is not what it seems
March on all night forever searching
Daylight ahead is only lurking*
Break through the walls and use the power of your dreams

Once in a lifetime take a chance at the right time the glory to see
Rise up for the time of your life
Now the time has come for you to be free

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My Inspiration | Reviewer: Anonymous | 3/9/13

This is on of my favorite DragonForce songs. DragonForce is my inspiration. They are such a fabulous band. Each album has a unique sound to it. This is probably my favorite Sonic Firestorm song. I can't get it out of my head! Not that having DragonForce stuck in my head is a bad thing. I love DragonForce, and this is a perfect example of why they inspire me.

Young | Reviewer: Dosent Matter | 7/8/12

I ve hear about DragonForce only 2 dais ago and i ve lisend onli a few songs of them but this music is awsome and power metal rules
sory for bed english but you understand the idea :-)

A Once in a Lifetime band | Reviewer: Zakky X | 5/9/12

DragonForce is one of the best band I know of. I agree with most people, great vocals, guitar, and all that. Just a quick background; My favorite bands are A7X, Metallica, and more recently s guy named James Durbin. It's sad that I only know of DragonForce because of "That one song" but it has opened up a new style of playing for me (I'm a guitarist). I love Vally of the Damned, Soldiers of the Wasteland, and Fury of the Storm. I don't agree with some people calling them "Slayer meets Journey" or Bon Jovi on speed, they are they're own breed of music.

no way to describe how good DragonForce are | Reviewer: dan | 11/6/11

i hate the fact i am the only one in my school that listen to DragonForce :/
i think all of their songs are just damn amazing and i dont plan on stopping listening to them anytime soon :D
(also everyone think that because they have loud, fast paced music then they are immediately screamo at my school ¬_¬)

WIN. | Reviewer: Anonymous | 2/20/10

Just... Win. DragonForce has been one of my favorite bands for who knows how long. My sister introduced me to them, back when all I listened to was J-Pop and a little J-Rock... For a long time, DragonForce was all I listened to. I eventually found some new bands by becoming more involved with Metal, such as Nightwish, Symphony X, Blind Guardian, Kamelot, etc. (All, thanks to my sister, actually...) But I usually come to DragonForce for inspiration. I mean, just take a look at Once In A Lifetime. That refrain is so damn catchy. And... It's one of the most inspirational I've ever heard.

I had a bunch of people on my bus last year going "OMG, DragonForce is like, the best band evar, like yah." (Not that I didn't agree with them, but) I went up to them and went "Oh, I love them. My favorites are Soldiers of the Wasteland, Once In A Lifetime, Operation Ground and Pound, and quite a few others..." They just stared at me like they had no idea what I was talking about. It turns out they only have heard Through the Fire and Flames. And yeah, it's a great song as well! But it bothered me that they believed just because they heard one song from an artist, they can automatically be called fans of that artist. It just... Doesn't work that way. You can say you like the song, but you don't know anything about the artist until you hear a vast majority of their songs, am I right?

Either way, I'm done with rambling. Instead, after I post this, I'm going up to my room and I am going to listen to DragonForce to get myself out of my artist's block.

Forcefans forever! -fistbump-

Wow. Just wow. | Reviewer: Frosty | 2/3/09

I just started listening to this song.

Ever since then, every time I go on the computer, I listen to nothing but DragonForce. I think this song is my favorite, though, because it really has some meaning to it.

It's just incredible.

Damn | Reviewer: Mike | 12/22/08

I clearly and simply cant get enough of this band. Amazing guitar, amazing drums, amazing vocals. Sweet and simple- They kick ass.
And I agree, this is great study music, it helps get me in the mood for anything im doing

They're amazing. | Reviewer: Alexandre | 9/15/08

I like listening to them when I play video games, and when I go to school. It makes me happy and I particularly like this song, because of it's philosophical meaning. I stopped listening to them because of all the crap other people say (like studioforce) but I listened to their songs one week ago, and I must admit I never felt so happy listening to their songs.

Metal lives forever, from Québec City!

A top DForce song | Reviewer: CaptainT | 4/6/08

This is one of my top 4 DragonForce songs. I just love the solo. DragonForce has appealed so much to me because of them being epic, their awesome solos and vocals, and not being screamo. Once in a Lifetime is an awesome song.

WICKED MUSIC! | Reviewer: Anonymous | 4/1/08


Once In a Lifetime | Reviewer: Jeremy | 2/27/08

I can't believe I nearly missed such amazing music... I only got into the whole genre of metal because I was making idle conversation with someone whose favorite band is Children of Bodom. Wow... this music makes great studying music too...

Take a chance at the right time. | Reviewer: Anonymous | 2/18/08

I'm taking that chance.

Dragonforce, although unsuccessful interms of their popularity due to mainstream music being forced upon the general public, still reach those in search of real musical talent. Thier sound guitar and vocal strength, combined with the sheer metaphorical and philosophical meanins of their songs make them, in my mind, one of the greatest bands to have ever formed. A challenging view, but a personal one non the less.

Their lyrics, unless annalyzed, mean nothing to mainstream fools who simply like to see as many half naked women as they can in their videos combined with lyrics that a 2 year old could have made.

The lyrics of this song are entierly your interpretation against another's, making this band clearly unique, and one of the best of the modern era of music. The uplifting lyrics brought forth by Dragonforce are second to none. A truely amazing, uplifting, and spirit felt song.

Wow | Reviewer: Waja | 1/28/08

I'm a girl too and I'm only 13 years old. I first discovered Dragonforce when I was listening to my brothers mp3. It was the first song i heard of them. I didn't think that a band could touch me as much as them. Their music is just great. They're very talented and the lyrics are just so nice..I can't even explain what of how I feel when I listen to their music, but I'm sure you all understand.

epic is a way to describe dragonforce | Reviewer: Rivers | 1/2/08

lot of people just hear through the fire and flames cause its on gh3 n its the hardest song on the series. i dont consider them true fans, once in a lifetime contains parts of their other solos like soldiers of the wasteland n the woahs, Operation Ground n Pound is still good b4 its becomes overrated like through the fire and flames, listen to it, 2nd greatest song

WOW. . . | Reviewer: Anonymous | 12/24/07

i got guitar hero 3 and listened to through the fire the flames and thought OH MY GOD, what else do the do? O f all the ones i've listened to this is one of my favs. Haven't listened to through the fire and the flames in awhile. Guitar Hero just doesn't do them justice.

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