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Whispering Forest On These Endless Autumn Nights Lyrics

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O, Adonay per quem omnia
liberata sunt
libera me ab omni malo.
O, Adonay per quem omnia
consolata sunt
consola me.

As sunlight fades
and nightfall embraces
this cold and lifeless land.
Only the damned...
Only the sentenced...
Roam among
other creatures of night.

The thick icy mist
that covers the water,
and hides the ground that I walk on.
All I can hear
are the voices of demons
laughing and casting their spells.

On these endless autumn nights
I rise and walk once more.
On these darkest autumn nights
I pursue my endless journey.

In black freezing water
I see your reflection,
the drops of blood from my hands.
In silence of night
I cry out thy name,
just to hear the echoes that answer.

The moon turns to blood
and casts my shadow
on the narrow path ahead.
The road that is covered
in tears and with wither
and leads me towards the end.

On these endless autumn nights
I've burned a thousand candles.
On these darkest autumn nights
I've heard the silent cries.

As the candlelight grows dim,
so the echoes of these voices die.

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