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Beach House On The Sea Lyrics

Last updated: 05/21/2012 11:00:00 AM

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Out on the sea we'd be forgiven
Our bodies stopped the spirit living
Wouldn't you like to know how far you've got left to go

Somebody's child nobody made you
It's not what you stole it's what they gave you
In or out you go
In your silence your soul

Would you rather go unwilling
Your heart is full and now it's spilling
Barreling down the steps
Only a moment left

In hind of sight no peace of mind
Where you begin and I'm defined
Daughter of unconscious fate
Time will tell in spite of me

In hind of sight no peace of mind
Where it begins and we're defined
Shadows bend and suddenly
The world becomes and swallows me in

Whistle to a friend gentle till the end
Anyway in a name she takes shape just the same

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