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I'm tired of everyone I know,
of everyone I see
on the street
and on TV.

On the other side,
on the other side
nobody's waiting for me.
On the other side

I hate them all.
I hate them all.
I hate myself for hating them,
so I'll drink some more.
I love them all.
I'll drink even more.
I'll hate them even more
than I did before.

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On the other side,
on the other side
nobody's waiting for me.
On the other side.

I remember when you came,
you taught me how to sing.
Now, it's seems so far away.
You taught me how to sing...

I'm tired of being so judgemental
of everyone
I will not go to sleep.
I will train my eyes to see
that my mind is as blind
as a branch on a tree.

On the other side,
on the other side.
I know what's waiting for me.
On the other side.
On the other side,
on the other side
I know you're waiting for me.
On the other side.

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tired of everyone | Reviewer: Anonymous | 4/11/11

i relate to it differently , cuz i felt this way or at least i think i've felt like this, and that when you are angry with the world and fed up, by hypocrits,(people you know). at your job or neighborhood, even your town, full of pretenders, so you kind of hate it all but you hate your self because you hate them instead of dont giving a fuck, so you keep drinking untill you get over it, but then you realice you hate everything even more. on the other side theres no one waiting for me means when you drink theres nothing good waiting for you it'll all pass when you are sober again,you wont gain anythong by drinking

obviously | Reviewer: lee | 8/13/09

i have heard and felt these exact feelings before. while going through what i can only imagine to be a similar experience to julian whilst touring this album. theres a pattern that emerges throughout which is synonimous with borederline alcoholism, which can be most prevalent on, not only the 2nd verse here but also tracks such as 'fear of sleep'. when going through some proper crap, which i still do, to do with booze, these 3 words resonate with me a lot. going to bed is scary. thats when the demons come, and they wake you up dead early just to fuck your day up. you can also tell by the delivery in his voice on this record that he's pissed.for sure. i know, i sing like him a bit, but not for the want of trying, for the want of not.this album is one of my favourite albums of all time because of the crap you can hear coming out of his mouth, not even a strokes fan, but a fan of the honesty in it, and if someone could prove to met that they even remember recording most of this record then i'd probably love it less. but i bet they cant. ive heard and said these words a thousand times, but i guess maybe only drunks want to hear them so theyre not alone. better the strokes than the heebie-jeebies. hope you've fixed it all.

Could it not be.. | Reviewer: realmadrid1251 | 7/29/09

a reflection of Casablancas' younger life...when he was forced to enter rehab at a young age, loathing his parents...his father more specifically and quite literally hating himself for hating someone who is trying to do something good for him

Thoughts of a Dying Believer | Reviewer: Adam | 3/9/09

I don't think the song has a specific point or meaning. I imagine him writing this during a time of reflection, and overall scope of his thoughts about afterlife, etc. That may have been sparked by him asking "Why do I feel this way about these people?" I personally just like the edgy funky style that they've got.

hm | Reviewer: Anonymous | 2/4/09

I do not think its about alcoholism, i think it just means its easier to get past the anger you have of someone you like, whether it be because they rejected you etc. That's my interpretation at least, but i will not claim to "get" it.

yo | Reviewer: Anonymous | 12/29/08

i agree with what everyone says , but personally I imagine it like this
- ur fed up with all the people you know , you´re sick of them, you love them but u want something new , new surroundings but the other people , the ones you might want tohang out withm dont want you. they dont need you,; they have enough friends though maybe you need them.

I dunno if it fits but yea. that´s how i imagine it. or i just changed the theme so I can relate to it. i like zat

Real | Reviewer: Anonymous | 12/23/08

My favorite song by The Strokes, and I think many people (myself included) can relate to the lyrics. I absolutely love the pauses before the choruses, and for some reason this song seems like a good song to put in movie credits.

amazing... | Reviewer: Anonymous | 1/12/08

i dont see this song as being sad... i see it more as a proclamtion to the world that hes annoyed. i love it. angry white boy music <333 julian is amazing!

yes. | Reviewer: Anonymous | 11/24/07

you have to love through similar circumstances to understand and appreciate this song completely. i for one this its brilliant. Everything that needs to be put across has been, in the clever yet so subtle lyrics. i think that is the whole brilliance of this song.

I hate them all | Reviewer: Cherie Poubelle | 10/28/07

Great lyrics! This will be my motto! I feel exactly the same - stuck in this shit - like Jules. (Well if i were singer of The Strokes and with his cute face probably i wouldn't be so depressed :)

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