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The Boston 6-piece known as On Broken Wings formed in early
2001. On Broken Wings play heavy, heavy music and have
been compared to groups like Converge, Poison The Well,
Every Time I die, Eighteen Visions, Glassjaw, and more.
OBW pride themselves on their competent live shows giving
them a chance to feature their more original aspects. The
intricate guitar works, the subtle addition of keys and
samples, and the all out intense fury of 6 guys playing the
music they love.

On Broken Wings has released one CD with Eulogy entitled More...

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Submit On Broken Wings New Lyrics

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great | Reviewer: erik
    ------ About the song A Lazarus Envy performed by On Broken Wings

this song is great.on broken wings is an amazing band with great talent.and for the review DJ zsigrai the end part is on broken wings its the vocalist johnathan blake rapping.they use to use hip hop samples/beats in their music.check out the album "some of us may never see the world"for more great stuff like in this song or just check out all their albums they're just so simply amazing.OBW FTW!!!!

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