Omarion Albums

  • Care Package Album (11/29/2012)
    Intro (Care Package)
    Arch It Up
    Private Dancer
    Rozay Interlude
    Out Loud
    Ode To Tae

  • The Awakening Album (5/12/2011)
    Luke Skywalker (Bullshittin)
    Fall In Love
    Get It On
    Cut A Rug
    Pleasure And Pain
    Say No
    Tell Me
    Forgot About Love

  • Ollusion Album (1/12/2010)
    I Get It In
    Last Night
    What Do You Say
    Sweet Hang Over
    Thee Interlude
    I Think My Girl Is Bi
    Code Red
    On My Grind
    Devastation (Leave Her Alone)

  • Face Off Album (12/11/2007)
    Hey Baby (Jump Off)
    He Ain't Gotta Know
    Bachelor Pad
    Can't Get Tired Of Me
    Number Ones
    Baby Girl
    Take Off Your Clothes
    Another Girl
    Lights, Camera, Action
    Designated Driver
    Let Me Hold You

  • 21 Album (11/14/2006)
  • O Album (2/22/2005)

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    Reviews about Omarion albums

    Cool | Reviewer: Antoinette
        ------ About the album 21 performed by Omarion

    Cool!!! I love that song 'man up' with RAIN (Bi) it's totally 'smooth' and has a nice beat to it and they sound really good together and there're both soo 'CUTE', luv em!!!

    why i love you | Reviewer: porsche
        ------ About the album O performed by Omarion

    wast's up it's me porsche calling to l;et you know that i an one of you'r biggest fan's and that i love you so much and that i love your song o very much

    Ice Box | Reviewer: Anastasia
        ------ About the album 21 performed by Omarion

    I love that song so much omarion I know every single word beat sound and you might be 12 years older than me but its ok because i will wait for you and i wish to marry you i went to your concert in DC and it was wonderful i want to see it over and over again and if i ever get to talk to you in person i will be so so so so so so so so happy and i love you so much if you ask my parent and family how much i love they will tell you but i just love you so so much !!!! you are so so so so so more so's CUTE !!!!!!! those other girls dont care they love you for your cuteness but i love you for not only your cuteness but your personality it is so funny !!!! its great well e-mail me please do id love it if u did !!!!

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