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There’s no doubting the ripple effect caused by the phenomenal success stories of newly-minted solo chart-toppers like Beyonce’ and Justin.  Next up to the plate is Omarion, who is primed to make his presence felt as he crafts a rhythm all his own.  After making his mark as the lead singer of R&B’s multi-platinum quartet, B2K, Omarion now offers a glimpse into who he is today as a young man, first, and also as an artist with a solo debut, entitled, simply, O.

The album is packed with equal doses of ballads and mid-tempos and allows listeners to peep his flavor.  “My dad hipped me to the music of Marvin Gaye and Earth, Wind & Fire, so the album reflects the music that I’ve been listening to all my life – it’s a little old school mixed in with the new.”  

For his debut, Omarion stepped into the booth with producers including AllStar (3LW, Joe, Luther Vandross), The Underdogs (B2K, Ruben Studdard, Tyrese) and Atlanta’s own Corner Boys (Usher).  As co-writer on 5 songs, he hopes to show fans “a deeper insight of what goes on inside my head,” he adds.  “Love is always the topic.”

In the case of the first single/title track, the letter O has multiple connotations.  Not only is it the first letter of his name, but it also refers to the “overtime” he’s willing to put in to appease the ladies.  The silky ballad is far from subtle in its promises of physical and emotional satisfaction.  “’O’ is my favorite song on the album because it explains who I am – it’s real grown man,” he laughs.  

 “Never Gonna Let You Go (She’s a Keepa)” is a funky, flirty song about the thrill of finding “the one” and features a few, choice verses from Big Boi, the lone guest to appear on the album.  “When you find a girl who you like and she has all of the qualities that you want, she’s a keeper – bottom line,” Omarion says.  Then on the flip side, he voices conflicted emotions about his girl with “I Wish.”   Everyone will be able to relate to his anguish by the time he reaches the chorus – “I know it’s crazy, but I wish I didn’t love you…but I’m glad I do.”

At twenty years of age, Omarion is learning to appreciate the unpredictable and ever-changing rhythm of relationships, which he reveals on “I’m Gonna Change,” a heartfelt ballad with plenty of bounce appeal.  “Relationships are up and down,” he admits, “and there always comes a point where someone will say, ‘Baby, I’m gonna change.’”

Born and raised in California – Inglewood, to be exact – Omarion began his creative journey doing commercials prior to joining B2K at the age of 15.  No sooner than they hit the scene with their self-titled debut, the group’s first single, “Uh Huh,” landed at #1.  Next came the hit single, “Gots Ta Be,” and the release of their sophomore disc, pandemonium! which included the chart-topping banger, “Bump, Bump, Bump (featuring P. Diddy)” and “Girlfriend.”  The group captured crossover appeal, an entire generation of loyal fans and even a coveted co-headlining slot on the now-infamous “Scream” Tours.   Along with earning nominations for MTV Video Music and American Music Awards, they were voted Best Group by VIBE and took home both a Billboard Music Award (for biggest-selling single) and BET Viewer’s Choice Award.  "There is a greater responsibility with being a solo artist than when you’re part of a group,” he says of being on his own.  “You can’t switch it up or take a breath because all of the focus in on you.  It’s a lot of work.”  

With two platinum albums, a Christmas collection and Greatest Hits compilation under his belt, Omarion’s resume has since expanded to include roles on television and film as well as the title of author.  He’s made primetime appearances on One on One and The Bernie Mac Show, did his thing on the big screen in the blockbuster film and soundtrack, You Got Served, will appear in the in-the-works sequel and has completed work on the much-anticipated film adaptation of the ‘70’s cartoon, Fat Albert.  Then there’s the autobiography that’s full of professional highlights and personal anecdotes.  Of his forthcoming memoir, he insists, “There’s a lot about me that my fans don’t know.  I’ve been singing and dancing since I was 5 years old and have made a lot of sacrifices.  You don’t live a normal life when you’re in the limelight.”

Looking toward the future, Omarion envisions his multi-layered career in terms of chapters of a never-ending story that includes songwriting, producing, acting and an openness to explore anything else that his schedule permits.  When asked what music means to him, he responds without hesitation, “Music is everything – it’s my world, my life.  I know that I can’t visit each of my fans personally, but I hope that my music makes them feel like they’ve gotten to know me.  I’ve put my heart into this album.”

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movies and songs | Reviewer: bee | 1/27/14

i like your movie You got serve i will never get tried to watch that film.your friend in that movie who have the little boy also play a good roll, and your song ice cub box is so marvelous. i will like to see more movies.

from caribbean dream girl | Reviewer: karry | 4/17/11

hi just wanna say keep up the good work...always look up and not down and always remember never forget where u came from and how hard u work to get there..... wish u all the best in the u always and that songs of my "SPEEDING" it just keep me going thru bad days...thank u u

hay whts up alittel boy | Reviewer: solomon | 3/12/11

hey u haw are u u know what u are so sweet!! and i apperitiate oll ur songs and i hope u will give me some advise to me haw i can defend problems related to aneye gool and finally i love ur grate please e male me at any time i will wait u bay!!!!!!!!!!!!

love you | Reviewer: Atong chol | 10/30/10

heey omarion... i am like the biggest fan of yours eva.. i would seriously die for you i am crazy inlove wit you only if there were someone in perth that looked like you.... i looove allll of your songz soo much...
love you sooo muchhh. :) ur numba 1 fan Atong a.k.a :Mary"

mz collinz nd cc collinz | Reviewer: Anonymous | 4/10/10

hello i loved my baby laquan because he make
me so happy to be with nd he sayz loved me nd i loved everything about this sexy young man.
wat u doin i hope he dnt back with that gurl name d because i hate dats he love her not me dats why.
dear boo you did dah right thing for not goin back with her boo love your gurl cc nd 4 ever laquan bye boo. dah boss cc wat up bitch

I love Omarion | Reviewer: Ebony | 12/31/08

Hey O, I'm over hear watching youtube videos of you,and your a beast when it comes to performing and singing.And I had like this big crush on you when I was younger, and I still do. I love your outgoing,positive,determined,onpoint,lovely personality. And your very sexy by the way. I just wanna say keep doing what your doing, and don't let anything or anybody get in your way. I love you booo.!=]=]=] ♥♥♥

hi there omarion | Reviewer: jacqueline lampedusa | 10/30/08

hi there omarion how are you im jackie i have many interes in you i wish i could hook up with you oh oh yes i must say i think you are fine looking man oh yes in deed no other color man or any race can look better then you wowow i really admire you you are very good looking im from nyc im 26 years old im a female of course yep im in the health care field yep anyways i hope you see these letters ok take care maybe someday i will meet you later

always got love for u O | Reviewer: erica | 9/17/08

was up omarion cranberry my name is erica and i just wanted to show you some love boo. just wanted you to know that i'm here for you if u ever want to chat, so just email me soon ok thanks. o yea your so F***in FINE, LOVE YOU lots form
your number 1 fan ERICA.

ma greatest luv | Reviewer: rej | 8/23/08

hey ma luv,i love you with all ma so cold i wish you be part of ma life and warm me yo greatest fan luving u like no one else.i love all yo songs, you have a great voice which spreads a smile upon ma face everytime i hear it.i loooooove you soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo much.cheers

i love so much omarion!! | Reviewer: Anonymous | 3/13/08

omg omarion i love you so freaking much i cant get anough of i i think you are the sexiest man alive and i loooove you sooooo much i would love too meet you aond i know everything about you and i get every poster of you and i love every song on 21 and faceoff i love 1-12 on face exspecially # 6 and hey baby!!!!

yo biggest fan alive

LOVE | Reviewer: QUINTIN PENICK | 3/11/08

whats up omarion this quintin penick. i just wanted to say that you are so cool. i have been liking you from the day you. you became a singer. i have all your cds. but i was thinking that you can hook me up with some tickets, to your conserts. because i never been to one of them. the reason why i never been to one is that my mother was a single parent. i still cant go to none because now my mother is died.she have been died for 2years now.omarion you are someone that makes me want to have a good day in see another day of life. if it wasnt for you, i wont know what to do in life. like i said you are the best, the one and only to make me feel like iam smart. in i have a reason to live.omarion iam your biggest fan. in iam hoping that you get this. if you do please.please.please.please.please.please.plaese.please.please.please.pleas.please call me please i have been trying to win a lot of things from you but it never happens so i hoping that you will please call me at 770-895-4436 this is my phone no one else but mines agin call me at 770-895-4436 iam from Miami, FL but i live in Atlanta, Georgia now please call. i love you with all my heart and soul i will never do something thats not good for you and me.

hey babez | Reviewer: keenjole | 2/25/08

Im ur biggest fan I got all of ur pics in mah room and I look at you every night and I think you are sooooooooooooooooo sexii...I like EVEY song your ever sung and...Also make sure that I will always be your numba one fan iight

im the number 1 fan | Reviewer: mike | 1/17/08

omarion im your number one fan i know everything about u and i always back you up i have all ur albums and i always vote for ur songs and u to be top artist ur my roll model and one day ill be a singer like u keep making albums

i'm ur biggest fan | Reviewer: ashley | 1/4/08

yo OMARION i'm ur bigest fan eva i have every freakin' poster of u that i can find .i have and know mostly everything dat i can find bout u . o.m.g. i am sooooooooooooooooooooooo lovin' u ur my # 1 n p.s. i'm lovin' da new song dat u made with bow wow "hey baby" specially wen u said my name
luv u always ASHLEY a.k.a. "QUEEN of queens"

Hey O this is you cuzin inlaw | Reviewer: dedra davis | 11/30/07

hey Omarion my name is Dedra Davis and my cuzin Daja Ayana Monay Walker loves you too death and she thinks you is the sexist man in the whole world and she keeps on talking about you all day oh by the way please make a song with Nelly bye

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