Olivia Albums

  • Show The World Album (9/1/2012)
    Cherry Pop
    Take It Off
    Walk Away

  • Olivia Album (4/17/2001)
    Are U Capable
    Silly Bitch In Love
    It's On Again
    Til He Comes Home
    Bring Da Roof Down
    When 2 Souls Touch
    Lower 2 My Heart
    Look Around
    You Got The Damn Thing

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    kick your self | Reviewer: Muffy
        ------ About the album Olivia performed by Olivia

    Wth were you thinking not singing any more. Women are emotional creatures. So any time you can express what we fell through music, its always going to be a hit. I'm just saying,excuss me for being so blont but I'm in a glass of wine.

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