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Olivia Newton-John was born in England on September 26,
1948. Shortly after her birth, her family moved to
Austrailia. She remained there for most of her childhood.
It was when she was a teenager that she dropped out of high
school and won a talent contest which sent her back to
England. She joined the group Toomorrow and was in a
science fiction movie of the same name. The soundtrack to
the movie was released and has now become a collectors
item. Olivia sang back up and harmony on many of the songs.

In 1971, Olivia released her More...

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Review about Olivia Newton-John songs
So true... | Reviewer: Anonymous
    ------ About the song Precious Love performed by Olivia Newton-John

Dis song is really true 4 me..m in luv n i knw wt dis song means 4 a lover lyk me,who ws always so shy n quiet n has finally opened up n found d arms of sum1 i hav always luvd wide open 4 me 2 run into n remain 4eva..n ofcourse my luv is damn precious..hez my precious luv

if you love me let me know | Reviewer: Ann marie white
    ------ About the song If You Love Me (Let Me Know) performed by Olivia Newton-John

I when to Waltham forest Adult learning Service I like so much yes next year we singing if you love me let me know I what it one day sing be own like Elvis Presley that why Christmas concert at Leytonstone learning link long time go I dress like Elvis Presley do sing like him got is voice and Dancing like it so nice thank you so much

Incorrect! | Reviewer: Rst
    ------ About the song Xanadu performed by Olivia Newton-John

I did the world premiere of Xanadu jr. and the muses (lyrics in parenthesis)say "the dreamin' you do, well they all are for you" and "the tears you cried, they're really mine." Maybe this is the regular version but most jr. versions only take away words, not change them. The other lyrics were spot on though.

ONE. WORD. MOTIVATION. | Reviewer: Lance Berry
    ------ About the song Promise (Dolphin Song) performed by Olivia Newton-John

This song has changed my life. I will never look at a male dolphin raping another in a disgusting way ever again... I have now realized that I have dolphin tendencies.. my entire life. I will not be ashamed to say that I truly want to join the dolphin world and seek out my true inner beauty as a dolphin. I will now frolic the ocean with such grace and love to engulf the race we call "humans."

Practice | Reviewer: Alena
    ------ About the song Hopelessly Devoted To You performed by Olivia Newton-John

I love to sing this song to practice my vocals, and I feel hat it's an incredible piece. I enjoy singing it; it has such a devoted feel and would recommend it to many of my friends. Me being a devout Grease fan, I feel no one really does it as much justice as Olivia Newton-John, who is by far the best rendition of Sandy Olsen I have yet to see.

haunting lyrics from a brilliant musical | Reviewer: Rick
    ------ About the song Marked with Death performed by Olivia Newton-John

this song is from john farrar and tim rice's musical adaptation of wuthering heights "heathcliff" I have never heard this song, but olivia is singing in character. this musical hasn't made it to the states yet, but it needs to! good songs!

i honestly love this song | Reviewer: lynn
    ------ About the song I Love You, I Honestly Love You performed by Olivia Newton-John

this song is just so beautiful, i never get tired of hearing this. i could listen to this one over and over, Olivia Newton-john's voice gaves me chills. I think her voice is perfect for the song. I dont know, but this song touched me in a very special way. I love the message, the melody, and the feeling that i get everytime i hear this song.
I am lucky to have heard ONJ singing this song LIVE last march.
The most breathtaking song i've heard, sung by a breathtaking woman. I honestly love her and this song. <3

beautiful. | Reviewer: patrick
    ------ About the song Alone at a Drive-In Movie performed by Olivia Newton-John

to my opinion it's a very beautiful song. in the original stage version (1972) it is sung by mister barry bostwick. in the film version (1978) it is replaced by "sandy" but one can hear an instrumental version on the soundtrack album. by the way both versions are beautiful.

I WANNA GET SO PHHYSICAL | Reviewer: Anonymous
    ------ About the song Physical performed by Olivia Newton-John

let's get physical i wanna get physical that's song we will exercise tomorrow but i'm confused because we want a grade and average of 95 but we were not practicing yet but i'm sure that we will focus on that THANK YOU

Wonderful | Reviewer: Anonymous
    ------ About the song Hopelessly Devoted To You performed by Olivia Newton-John

I played Sandy in my drama groups version of Grease, I was soo nervous about singing this song as it is the song that defines Sandys character IMO, I love it and wanted to get it right.
Olivia Newton John was the best Sandy Ive ever seen.

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