Olivia Lufkin Albums

  • Olivia Inspi' Reira (Trapnest) Album (2/28/2007)
    A Little Pain (First Closing Theme)
    Wish (Second Opening Theme)
    Starless Night (Second Closing Theme)
    Shadow Of Love
    Tell Me
    Rock You
    Winter Sleep
    Recorded Butterflies
    Wish (Live)
    A Little Pain (Studio Live)

  • The Cloudy Dreamer Album (1/17/2007)
    If You Only Knew
    Stars Shining Out
    Dream Catcher
    Who's Gonna Stop It?
    Cloudy World
    Cut Me Free
    Wish (English Version)
    A Little Pain

  • The Lost Lolli Album (2/2/2004)
    Alone In Our Castle
    Fake Flowers
    Blind Unicorn
    Devil's In Me
    Celestial Delinquent
    Space Halo
    Under Your Waves
    Sea Me
    Into The Stars

  • Comatose Bunny Butcher Album (9/12/2003)
    Celestial Delinquent
    Devil's In Me
    Bliss Forest

  • Merry & Hell Go Round Album (6/7/2003)
  • Internal Bleeding Strawberry Album (2/21/2003)
  • Synchronicity Album (12/6/2000)

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