Oleander Lyrics

Thomas Flowers - Vocals, Guitar
Ric Ivanisevich - Guitar
Doug Eldridge - Bass
Fred Nelson Jr. - Drums


“I never set out to write a song,” says Oleander frontman
Thomas Flowers. “They just happen--I pick up a guitar and
they’re waiting for me.” From the plaintive dreamscape of
“How Could I?” to the ominous downbeats of “You’ll Find
Out,” the songs of February Son are driven by Flowers’
passion to be heard.

“My songs are predominantly warnings,” Flowers explains,
advice I give myself to stay on track. For More...

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Reviews about Oleander songs

Great | Reviewer: Gen
    ------ About the song Halo performed by Oleander

I think this song is amazing ! It's on the American Pie 2 soundtrack, and it doesn't fit on tha CD, but it's still pretty awesome !

pretty damn good | Reviewer: Kit
    ------ About the song Halo performed by Oleander

I dunno...might just be some of the situations I listened to the song in. But it's always struck me as such a gorgeous song. It's just so pritt. It's a quiet song. Wouldn't call it slow, but it's not all high and fast-paced. It'll make you just kinda stop and look around. And I think it's quite good. Among my favorites.

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