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(Tige you were faithful faithful to the end
Tige how I miss you you were my best friend)
Three years of Army Service done and I was headin' home at last.
I got to thinking bout my dog and things long gone and past.
How old Tige pulled me from the creek when I had no pulse or breath,
and how he saved me from the chargin' bull that gored my Dad to death.
As a kid I'd dream of bears and tremble to my toes
Till old Tige come up to my bed and nudge me with his nose.
Then my fears would melt away and Tige would go lie down,
I'd drift on back to sleep without another sound.
The big bus stopped I got off - it was awful dark and thick with fog.
Then something gently nuzzled me and there stood Tige my dog.
I wondered if my faithful dog had met the bus each day
And all the dreary winter nights since I'd been away.
To have Tige meet me here like this, I was...I was really glad
'Cause I hadn't needed Tige so much since the day they'd buried Dad.
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Two long miles still lay ahead, but what I didn't know
A giant Dam was being built where the old road used to go.
I thank the Lord for sending Tige and I followed where he led,
Knowing well without his help that I'd be good as dead.
Tige inched along this way and that, going rough and slow,
And I could hear the water lappin' at the ledges far below.
Then through the mist I saw a light and mother in her chair,
I reached down to pet old Tige but he wasn't there.
I'm thankful Mom you had old Tige these three lonely years
I owe my life to him tonight, I couldn't help my tears.
You say you wrote me bout the Dam, well, God was sure with us
I didn't get your letter, Mom, but old Tige met the bus.
I hate to tell you son, she said, but now you've got to know.
When you left it broke his heart...Tige died three years ago.
(You were my best friend)

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What a shock!! | Reviewer: Emotional Wreck | 1/27/13

Was driving home today, after finding an old cd in my car and deciding to see what was on it. Singing away to my old favourites... Then old Tige came on.
Safe to say I could barely see where I was going by the time it went off. Surprised if the whole of Greater Manchester didn't hear me sobbing. :')

to all 12 of my dogs | Reviewer: jim | 5/10/10

i remember our first dog suki who my dad ran over on drive of our house. our second dog poppy who got hit by a wagon and had her tail ripped off, poor poppy. Jess died of a stroke and had to be put down. emma got poisened by the the neighbours for going through their dustbins.spot was hanged running through a barbed wire fence.penny reach the right old of 3 before sercumming to a farmers shotgun and i cant remember how the others died sum in child birth but this song always reminds me of one of them. keep up the good work jim and keep the songs coming. ps is he still alive.

Tears | Reviewer: Kevin | 12/22/09

I remember all my dogs with love. Sadly though on the 31st December 2008 my old friend Barney had to be put to sleep. I don't know why but I had to listen to this song today. As I listened I could see him there by my side again and I could feel the tears rolling down my cheeks. It's been nearly a year old friend but I miss you just the same. I'm sorry I couldn't do more to save you, the vet and I we tried so hard. now you can run in the fields once more and be free. God bless you Barney.

in memory of donny my first dog. | Reviewer: terrace ted | 10/7/09

thinking of my dog and things long gone and past....i recently came across this song again and remembered fondly our first family dog who would always walk me to school every morning and be at the gate waiting at the final bell. i always have a tear in my eye when i hear this song as it brings back memories of my childhood and of a world that cared more about people than money....when we wrote letters instead of e mail and chatted instead of texts....am i the only one who thinks the world is too fast today?

Changed my life! | Reviewer: Darren Price | 9/9/09

I was only 6 when I heard this song the first time. Played it over and over and over. It such a profound effect on me ... at the time we had a dog that I considered mine, Jason, died when I was 9. As a family we had dogs most of my life growing up. But I never forgot the song or my first dog. Now I'm 45 and have 2 dogs after years of being without one ... I just found the song, Old Tige, again and listened to it. I could feel the tears well up inside me as I remembered my youth and the love of my dog. I could not hold back the tears ... I haven't cried like that for years.

No greater loyaltiy | Reviewer: Anonymous | 5/28/09

I lost my dog three years ago. I have been trying ever since to find the name and lyrics of this song. I remember it from when I was young, though my dog always reminded me of Olde Tige. To read those words again, is enough to make any man cry.
In Loving Memory of Sasha

Family Tradition | Reviewer: Anonymous | 9/25/08

This song has sort of become a new family tradition for us. My father memorized the song, in sort of a story tellying poem form, when he was 19 years old. I grew up listening to him recite it on road trips. I memorized it when I was 19 and will teach it to my children when they are that age as well. It's just a good story.

Man's best friend | Reviewer: Anonymous | 3/24/08

I heard this song over the weekend- I was 19 when I last heard it and it still made me cry on Saturday. I've cried over losing dogs before and remembered each one as I listened to this song. No other country singer can do justice to this song like Jim did.

sticks with ya | Reviewer: DonnaG | 11/28/07

Learned this song more than 30 years ago. Had not heard it in twenty+. Could not believe I could still recite the whole thing. Made a lasting impression for sure. Recommended for animal lovers everywhere. One of my all time favourites.

A Really Good Tear Jerker | Reviewer: DW | 11/4/07

I first heard this song many years ago. I had a dog named Lucky who had got in a fight and died in my arms. The next day we buried Lucky underneath a big shade tree. When we went in the house my dad who was a Jim Reeves fan, played me the song "Old Tige." Although I was 17 years old I cried like a baby over the loss of my friend. Lucky has now been gone 40 years and my dad died 25 years ago but every time I hear this song or read these lyrics it never fails to start the tears flowing once again.

A very powerful song | Reviewer: deano | 10/17/07

I'm a mean old bastard who rarely cries about anything, but this song got me good. And I don't even like dogs that much!

One of My Favourites | Reviewer: Eifion Owen | 10/20/05

For any dog lover out there, listen to this song and see if you've got dry eyes at the end.

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