Old Man's Child Albums

  • In Defiance Of Existence Album (2/1/2003)
    Felonies of the Christian Art
    Agony of Fallen Grace
    Black Seeds on Virgin Soil
    In Defiance of Existance
    Sacrifice of Vengeance
    The Soul Reciever
    In Quest of Enigmatic Dreams
    The Underworld Domains
    Life Deprived

  • Revelation 666 - The curse of damnation Album (2/1/2000)
    Phantoms Of Mortem Tales
    Hominis Nocturna
    In Black Endless Void
    Unholy Vivid Innocence
    Passage To Pandemonium
    Obscure Divine Manifestation
    World Expiration
    Into Silence Embrace

  • Ill-Natured Spiritual Invasion Album (2/1/1998)
    Towards Eternity
    The Dream Ghost
    Demoniacal Possession
    Fall Of Man
    Captives Of Humanity
    God Of Impiety
    My Evil Revelations
    Thy Servant

  • The Pagan Prosperity Album (10/7/1997)
    The Millennium King
    Behind The Mask
    Soul Possessed
    My Demonic Figures
    My Kingdom Will Come
    Return Of The Nights Creature
    What Malice Embrace

  • Born Of The Flickering Album (2/1/1996)
  • In The Shades Of Life Album (2/1/1996)

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