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Seven Nations Old Ground Lyrics

Last updated: 01/02/2004 01:58:14 AM

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Old Ground
(Kirk McLeod)

In sadness
I cover old ground
In sweet bitterness
I'm spinning around
I've tried to be different and I've tried to keep clean
I've tried to be smarter and I've tried to be mean
But nothing could be further than from me to my quest
If I had a knife I'd dig it right in my chest
Because I would be so happy
I'd die for you

In sweetness
I stare at the sky
In silence
I ask myself why
You know I'd be with you if I thought that I could
I'd do anything if you thought that I should
But jumping from bridges and hanging from ropes
Appear in my head and leave me no hope

Because I would be so happy
Yeah, I would be so happy
Yeah, I would be so happy
I'd die for you

Concentrated rivalries
Opponents of brutality
Have their place in history
But I can't see in front of me for you
I'd die for you.

If I'd ever tell a life
Stick a needle in my eye
Throw a ladder to the sky
Cross my heart and hope to die for you
I'd die for you

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