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To Whom It May Concern

The following is an account of the making of the new Old
97’s album, Satellite Rides. The Elektra Entertainment
Group commissioned this report, and the 97’s singer/front
man/principal-songwriter Rhett composed it. Hi.

I’m tempted to tell you how good our new record is, but
that sort of thing is hard to communicate – like describing
a card trick. I will instead tell you WHY it is so good.

In early 2000 it came time to get to work on what would
become Satellite Rides. I thought about it and realized
that the More...

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Review about Old 97's songs
Good Song-Scrubs came first. | Reviewer: ScrubsFan1
    ------ About the song Question performed by Old 97's

@reviewer from 6/3/11
That's an awesome story! However, this song was on "His Story" season 2 episode 15 - which aired on 1/30/03. Scrubs started in October 2001 and was conceptualized a couple years beforehand. Either way, still a cool and original idea.

First Dance surprise at our wedding | Reviewer: Anonymous
    ------ About the song Question performed by Old 97's

My husband and I had a song for our first dance picked out for our wedding reception that meant a lot to us. Instead, he surprised me with a friend of ours (who we met through) playing and singing this on his guitar by himself to us. Which was even BETTER than the old 97s doing it themselves!! Now everytime I hear it, my heart melts. It was SUCH a great surprise. And just for the record, this song was playing on the TV show Ed when he proprosed to Carol WAY before Scrubs was ever written (Ed season 4, aired 11/2003), I believe. We were married in 2001, so it was VERY original for my husband to think of this on his own.

Proposal | Reviewer: Julie
    ------ About the song Question performed by Old 97's

My fiance proposed to me with this song in the background. I had never heard it before, but it was beautiful. He let me hear the chorus and then looked at me with tears in his eyes, told me loved me, and asked me to marry him! What an amazing soundtrack for the best moment of my life!

this song... | Reviewer: trüffel
    ------ About the song Question performed by Old 97's

... is so unbelievable wonderful*_*
when i first heard it i almost began to cry xD
i love this song and i can´t even describe, why:)
if someone of you has got a link for youtube or yahoo or other websites like this, pls tell me, because i really want to have an link for it:)
it would be beautiful.. thx:)

wonderful | Reviewer: Mallory
    ------ About the song Question performed by Old 97's

I love this song. I heard of it from this "list" that had songs to propose to. This one fits the bill very nicely. I think if someone proposed to me with this, I would be putty in their hands! Thanks for the amazing lyrics. This song rocks. It beautiful.

but what is the buick city complex? | Reviewer: skipintro
    ------ About the song Buick City Complex performed by Old 97's

always liked this one for some reason... i guess it's because it's the old 'friends with benefits' story... 2 lonely people at loose ends. also the bit about fooling around in hotel swimming pools -- reminds me of my trip to aruba. :)

Still Punkrok | Reviewer: Daniel
    ------ About the song Niteclub performed by Old 97's

Great Song Sooo Old school punkrock maby not the sound but the meaning.
I fell in love with this song many years ago and it still holds fast, Hard as hell to find tho.

question | Reviewer: stephanie
    ------ About the song Question performed by Old 97's

beautiful ! nothing else to say.... very nice lyrics and melody, it is not too long: perfect. voice and guitar are perfect together.

lyrics | Reviewer: dave
    ------ About the song Question performed by Old 97's

When it says "lowered her eyelids" it sounds like "lowered her honour" and I never quite understood what that meant, but now it makes sense.

Awesome Song | Reviewer: Tony
    ------ About the song Question performed by Old 97's

I love this song. It's on the soundtrack they play at my work so I hear it every Sunday. Is it just me, or is the part "and lowered her eyelids" sung differently than it is written. I can't make out what he actually says in the song.

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