Old 97's Albums

  • Grand Theatre Vol. 2 Album (7/5/2011)
    Brown Haired Daughter
    I m A Trainwreck
    The Actor
    No Simple Machine
    White Port
    Manhattan (I m Done)
    Bright Spark (See What I Mean)
    Visiting Hours
    How Lovely All It Was
    You Call It Rain

  • Blame It On Gravity Album (5/13/2008)
    The Fool
    Dance With Me
    No Baby I
    My Two Feet
    She Loves The Sunset
    This Beautiful Thing
    I Will Remain
    Early Morning
    The Easy Way
    Here's To The Halcyon
    Color Of A Lonely Heart Is Blue
    The One

  • Drag It Up Album (7/23/2004)
    Won't Be Home
    Borrowed Bride
    Blinding Sheets of Rain
    Valium Waltz
    In the Satellite Rides a Star
    The New Kid
    Friends Forever
    No Mother

  • Satellite Rides Album (3/20/2001)
    King Of All The World
    Rollerskate Skinny
    Buick City Complex
    Bird In A Cage
    Up The Devil's Pay
    What I Wouldn't Do
    Am I Too Late?
    Can't Get a Line
    Designs On You
    Book Of Poems
    Nervous Guy

  • Fight Songs Album (4/27/1999)
  • Too Far to Care Album (6/17/1997)
  • Wreck Your Life Album (10/3/1995)
  • Hitchhike to Rhome Album (4/1/1994)

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    Reviews about Old 97's albums

    Beautiful, ragged rough and heartbroken | Reviewer: Johnny Tezca
        ------ About the album Too Far to Care performed by Old 97's

    Everything you (secretly) love about some country music, and none of what you rightfully hate. These songs seem pulled from the heart of the 97s without benefit of anesthesia, much less current production values. Maybe that explains the oft-heard "alternative country" moniker.

    Just buy the damn record, and you'll get it. Go. Now.

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