Oj Da Juiceman Albums

  • 6 Ringz 2 (The Playoffs Edition) Album (3/2/2013)
    Run Them Bands Up
    I Do This
    Ballin Like A Fool
    Ballin Out The Gym
    Be The Man
    Pimp C
    Plug Prices
    No Hook

  • The Otha Side Of The Trap Album (1/27/2009)
    I Be Trappin'
    Good Night,
    Hell of a Life
    Nah Ming
    I'm Gettin' Money,
    Washing Powder Money
    Make Tha Trap Say Aye
    50 Bricks
    Yung Juice
    Old School Cars
    Cop a Chicken
    Trap Work,
    OJ Flyest

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    REAL TRAP SHIT | Reviewer: xx100xxd0llAxx5prite
        ------ About the album 6 Ringz 2 (The Playoffs Edition) performed by Oj Da Juiceman

    This shit is bumpin hard...may be the the realest 36 straight minutes of trap music goin'. Put this mixtape on high volume when you're at a party or just ridin around smokin dat purp in your ride. Warning: listening to this mixtape may cause you to have an uncontrollable sensation to make money. Dis shit is REAL TRAP SHIT.

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