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Led by the wide-ranging musical talent of Danny Elfman (who would go on to score film and TV projects from Batman to The Simpsons), Los Angeles's Oingo Boingo carved out a respectable reputation among the new wave set with a quirky pop style that owed a heavy debt to bands like XTC. In 1994, Oingo Boingo reemerged as Boingo, releasing a new album that didn't attract much attention; the self-explanatory Farewell followed two years later.

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the boing is in oingo boingo... | Reviewer: dubya | 4/11/13

Talent and skill. Listen to "Grey Matter" and note the perfect timing. "Only a Lad" "Who Do You Want To Be" and one of my FAVORITES, "Little Guns"
The Boing is very catchy, addictive, and fun to listen to. Goes REAL good with the B-52s

L.A.'s House Band | Reviewer: Jay | 10/16/08

For most of the 80's Oingo Boingo was to L.A. and Orange County what the Grateful Dead was to San Francisco. Oingo Boingo developed the kind of fan following that made every appearance an event. They were "our band", and we believed they knew and appreciated our enthusiasm.
If you must compare them to any other groups, I think Madness would come close; Not so much for musical styling as for their composition. Both groups were mini-orchestras, and to see them on stage was to behold brilliant chaos.
Musically, they were one of a kind. Sonically bright and cheerful, lyrically questioning and slightly morbid, they were at the forefront of what became known as New Wave.
To those who are not familiar with their songs, they can be intimidating and strange (think Sparks, if you're familiar with them).
Their most accessible songs are Dead Man's Party, Weird Science and I Love Little Girls: listen to these a couple of times and the rest of their catalog will come easier.
SoCal remembers our house band, and we miss them very, very much.

A Model Muisic Group | Reviewer: Ava | 2/28/08

Admittedly, Oingo Boingo is... weird. Their style is different(which is probably the reason that nobody my age knows who they are) but I-personally- think that the above-mentioned weirdness is not only good, but is a model for others to emulate.
Danny Elfman(the most known of the group) contributes the concepts and vocals that bind the other band members' talents -which are considerable- and "marries"(to use a cooking term) the other "flavors" and "ingredients" together into an oddly catchy and tight group.

I hope that other artists will be as musically savvy -though I am sure that this is a false hope- and will be as thoughtful in their arrangments and lyrics as Oingo Boingo.

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