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Took a bus straight to Baltimore
On the way he took a nap
Dropped off a note that said "I'm giving this note back"
PS- There's a lot going on underneath
There's roots there's pipes, and there's drainage leaks
You're on, you're wrong, Ohio
Truly sorry, I see clearly
Calmly crashing, I pace faster than anyone
Hinges rusting, they swing louder than anything
Truly lonely this place is flatter than it seems
I'm upset, and I leave the door open wide
Our hearts are used up, cracked and dry
Pulled the scabs off of regrets
We haven't learned to eat our conscience yet
Truly sorry, I see clearly
Hardly hoping, I spend it all on game machines
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Calmly crashing, I pace and I figure it out again
One hand clapping, awake but napping
Rows of lights to illuminate lines
Why don't they turn them off and let us see night
Drove crazed grooming my lies
You can't look in on one way eyes, Ohio

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Favorite | Reviewer: Hannah | 3/25/11

I love this song. I skip ahead on my playlist, not because I don't like the others, but because this song is purely my favorite from Modest Mouse.
No, it's not just that - it's probably one of my favorite songs of /all time/.
Ten million thumbs up to this song.

The lyrics are deep and gorgeous, and the guitars are really memorable. I work out to this song, I work to this song, and sometimes I even sleep to this song. It's just so great.

MUSIC!!!!!!!? | Reviewer: Liam | 2/6/11

Musically, this song is just as impressive as any other modest mouse song, other than maybe night on the sun. The introduction is a similar riff to never ending math equation (they do that quite a bit, where to transcend a riff from one song to another, and then it leads into a beautiful, yet simple bridge and breakdown in a new Key where both riffs are musically the same, but played with a different feel to them. And it knocks you on your but with how catchy and deep it all sounds once it comes together.

Also, anyone that knows anything about drumming, would be able to hear the amount of off beats, and ghost notes Green uses in this song, as well as many songs on this particular album. Musically = phenomenal all across the board, every song.

Lyrical precision | Reviewer: Repstock | 2/7/08

Musically, not necessarily one of the more memorable tracks from MM's debut album, but from a lyrical perspective this song is very impressive. "Rows of lights to illuminate lines
Why don't they turn them off and let us see night?" is a highlight lyric, add to it Brock's subdued yet passionate vocals and you have yet another excellent MM song.

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