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Oh, Sleeper Biography

Last updated: 01/04/2012 11:00:00 AM

Oddly enough, failure is the binding fabric that held the members of recently formed Oh, Sleeper together and kept them from slowly embedding themselves further in defeat. "Everyone in this project refused to continue on with our lives until weve made the difference that we are supposed to make in music." says drummer Ryan Conley. Scattered in different corners of the country, something bigger brought these guys together in April of 2006. With the majority of the members coming from short-lived rock outfit Terminal (Tooth & Nail Records), its no accident that they met up with long time friend Shane Blay of Between The Buried & Me and local guitar legend of the chaotic metal band Evelynn. Aided by bassist Lucas Starr, who at the time of inception was playing with As Cities Burn, they began to piece together their vision. "What doesnt kill you only makes you stronger." is an understatement for guys that have been there, done that, but never got the T-shirt. Although they arent looking for fame; their trek to stardom was redirected when the band had its first practice. Pledging to bring more than music to the masses, Oh, Sleeper now had that voice. The untried vocal talents of Micah Kinard gave the beast a shape and the guys felt a new sense of confidence and purpose. As the four members began sledging through all the normal problems of a band start-up (no place to practice, no money, etc.), the biggest obstacle was finding the last and final member. Countless awkward auditions with strangers and some fruitful auditions that gained the band new friends still fell short of the missing fit, until the resurface of long time friend and previous band mate of the guys in Terminal, James Erwin. The addition of James as the second guitarist added a gallon of fuel to the fire and proved that there is nothing that can stop them.

Oh, Sleeper brings a full plate of heavy and dark guitars with thought out lyrics that refuse to shy away from truth. Music is a weapon and these five plan to fully utilize this divine appointment for nothing other than a purpose greater than themselves. Starr explains: "At the end of the day, a song is nothing more than a bunch of notes and chords strategically thrown together. Dont get me wrong, music is awesome but I feel there is something more to this life than writing a hit song and selling records. Anyone can learn how to play an instrument, but what good is it if you only use that talent for self gratification?"